A Carens Estate is rather a large and cumbersome model if you live on a busy street as you will need to tuck the wing mirrors in whenever you park up next to your house in order to prevent them from becoming damaged accidentally. You have already had to pay out a lump sum for scratching someone else’s motor as your ancient old Vauxhall Astra is not exactly the easiest vehicle to manoeuvre out of tight spots, and its clicking engine is a sign that the CAM shaft needs to be changed ASAP. Well, the automobile that is currently perceived as being the most sought after and desirable make on the current market, and the one which is navigating this watery obstacle seen above, is the quite frankly awesome 2013 Kia Sorento. This 7-seater speed demon looks and feels like a motorist’s dream as it is compact and spacious, easy to operate and fierce at the same time. If you have a large family or just love to ferry your mates around, then you will be absolutely delighted with the Sorento’s gliding movement and minimal amount of side to side body ‘shimmering’. With very, very little pitching under braking and a tough and durable dashboard, the Sorento is a cool, calm and collected customer and remains stoic under huge amounts of pressure. If you were driving a smaller make such as the Rio, then you may find it troublesome to overcome gale force winds or slippery conditions, but the advantages do far outweigh the negatives; that’s for sure! For example, the Rio has power steering, speed-sensitive wash wipers and premium cloth upholstery fitted into the interior, so it is not all that bad! In fact, Kia Sportage business car leasing packages are currently moving up the ranks here at Leasing Options and have been universally lauded as extremely affordable and highly desirable. Business car leasing has to be appropriate for drivers who work in the City, as well as frequent travellers who head off to all sorts of exotic destinations and need something, which is reliable and steadfast. This is probably the reason why the Sportage is an ideal choice, as it is extremely hard wearing and does not suffer fools gladly. We also specialise in top of the range personal car leasing contracts if you do not want to utilise a vehicle for work purposes, but instead are looking for a dependable driving companion for the school run, or just to get you from A to B if you have a list of errands to complete. Leasing Options has everything you need to secure a bargain and drive away with an excellent deal. Kia business car leasing packages are all the range amongst commercial customers, so why not take the bull by the horns and call 0161 660 9088 today? Suited, booted and ready to roll; you and your brand new Sportage make a lethal combination!