The entire interior of the Merc has been subtly tweaked, as everyone knows that the E Class was already plush and sumptuous, hence its popularity amongst avid petrol heads. A selection of brand new sensors which use radar, camera and ultrasonic technology have been fitted into the 2013 version of the Merc, which are able to read the roads and assess weather conditions accurately. For example, you do not want to travel on slippery motorways, as you have to proceed with caution, and this is not what you want if you need to get to a destination as quickly as possible. Updated features such as a forward facing radar sensor are ever so important as they form part of the Collision Brake Assist system, which allows you to brake sharply if you need to make an urgent stop for any reason. If your brakes feel spongy and slack then this is not a good sign at all, so these sensors are ideal if you want to detect potential problems as soon as possible. Do you remember the ‘Show Me, Tell Me’ test from a couple of years ago? You have to make sure that the dipstick is coated in oil, and that the hazard lights are not flashing as this could spy trouble. An empty oil tank could lead to disastrous consequences and it does not matter if you own a clapped out old banger or a snazzy Jag as you will face the same sort of problem and need to get your automobile seen to immediately. Here at Leasing Options, we actually cover all damages and liability if you want to take advantage of personal car leasing and our business contract hire packages are extremely tempting if you are a suited and booted man-about-town. Working in a cut-throat industry such as sales or banking is difficult at the best of times, but with business contract hire at least you know that you are getting excellent value for money and have a dependable, trustworthy driving companion by your side. If you are in dire need of affordable personal car leasing packages as you do not have oodles of cash at your disposal then you may be interested to know that we have a whole host of fantastic automobiles for you to have a gander at, including the ever-reliable Mercedes-Benz E Class and its A, B, C, M and S buddies. Larger vehicles such as the Citroen Berlingo, Nissan Navara and the vivacious Vauxhall Vivaro can be loaned out on a two, three, four or five (if you are a commercial client) yearly basis as we also extend our offers to personal and business van leasing for those who may be self-employed, or need a bigger automobile if they are moving heavy belongings. Mercedes-Benz business car leasing deals from Leasing Options are extremely desirable, as they only cost a mere £309.99 per month for starters. If you want to add a little ‘va va vroom’ to the daily commute then just give us a bell on 0161 826 5698 and we will sort everything out for you.