We all like to reminisce from time to time, perhaps taking time out to listen to hits from our youth being played through our MP3 players, or relaxing whilst watching reruns of 'Minder', 'Only Fools and Horses' or 'The Sweeney' in high definition on our LED flat-screen TV's.

Can you see the connection here? Yes, we like to relive the past using modern day technology and within the motoring world, we are experiencing another similarity. The colour palette for vehicles back in the 70's was one thing that defined the era, days when medallions, chest hair and musky aftershaves were the look that any young male was aiming for.

Women were finally shedding the stereotypical 'stay-at-home' image, showing their need for independence and equality by following fashions and copying American TV stars styles such as those displayed by the Charlie's Angels trio. Introducing a myriad of colours, not just in their clothing but in their make-up and accessories, nails and more, the 70's were an important time for women the world over.

And so too, these colour schemes dictated what vehicle manufacturers could offer as popular choices for customers. Today, the motoring world has leant towards a revival of these colours, particular earthy choices such as browns, beige and greens.

Proving extremely popular, the fashion for retro colours has shown that our tastes have, or are going retro, especially within the motoring industry. Until recently, vehicle colours have been dominated by quite a conservative palette, mainly consisting of white, black, red and silver.

However, four colours that are associated heavily with the 70's have seen a surprising return, making the cut within the top 10 most favoured paint colours for motorists looking for second hand cars. Green, beige, yellow and gold have all positioned well, together with the high ranking “copper bronze” and several pastel citrus colours, including soft lemon, shades of creamy beige and burnt orange too.

It definitely does feel that these colours are making a revival, particularly as younger drivers will not have a negative association with such colours being old or outdated.

That and the fact that retro is in fashion means that we could be looking towards a host of almost forgotten hues that remind us of the days sitting on the parcel shelf without a care in the world, or riding along in the boot space in the family estate on the way to a picnic.

As browns are moving to the luxury end of motor vehicles, the market has opened up to many retro shades such as Onyx green, Daytona yellow and Cordoba beige, not to mention, purple, plum and peach as well.

Check out one of the most popular colours for our Fiesta, the 1.5 TDCi Zetec 3dr in a classic copper bronze is now available on a leasing deal to suit any young or older driver. Regardless of your colour choice for the next car you consider, remember with Leasing Options we have the power to deliver the perfect solution for your motoring needs.