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The Nissan NV200 is a contemporary commercial vehicle that is available from Leasing Options for van leasing. There is the option for you add glazed rear doors with wash/ wipe and a rear view camera to your Nissan NV200 business van lease, as well as a metallic twilight grey or an alabaster solid white paint.

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Nissan NV200 Review

Nissan’s NV200 is the largest small van you can buy, its 4.2 cubic litre loading capacity matched with tight pricing to make it an option businesses really shouldn’t ignore in this sector of the market.

The NV200 takes a different approach. For less than the kind of money that would buy you many conventional small vans, you can have one that’s 50% bigger. It’s a simple sales proposition that many business users will like, particularly as it includes up-to-the-minute design and low running costs courtesy of frugal diesel power.

Nissan may have cut its ties to Renault in terms of design but it’s still very much dependent upon its French partner when it comes to what’s under the bonnet. The range is based around 1.5 dCi power. True, that doesn’t sound a lot but with 200Nm of torque from low down in the rev range, it's a muscular little unit strong enough to tow a 1,100kg braked trailer and compares well against the entry-level diesel engines offered in rival products. It does start to look a little outgunned against models that can match the NV200's prodigious carrying capacity but the Nissan should still have enough verve around town and a 98mph maximum suggests decent open road performance.

The tall panel van shape gives rise to an upright seating position that will help drivers who are forever clambering in and out of their vehicle during the working day. The dash-mounted gear lever that controls the five-speed gearbox is ideally located and the steering column adjusts for rake, thought not for reach. With the front wheels pushed right to the front of the vehicle, the NV200 gains a very tight 10.6m kerb to kerb turning circle (11.1m between walls) which is better than the majority of the compact van class and even out manoeuvres some superminis. The electric power steering is precise, weighting up with speed and with good all-round visibility, it promises to be an ideal partner for urban driving.

Nissan’s designers were very clear about their objectives with this vehicle. From the B-pillars forward, it’s a car, after that, it’s a van. As is common these days in the compact LCV sector, its underpinnings are based on those of a supermini – in this case, an old-shape Nissan Micra. So far, so predictable. But what makes this NV200 different is the way that it combines the footprint of a short-wheelbase van with the carrying capacity of a much pricier long-wheelbase one.

So how exactly has Nissan managed this Tardis-like result? Well the reasons are so simple that you wonder why other makers haven’t copied them. First, the cab is designed so that the seats are set as far forwards as they can go. Second, the 55-litre fuel tank is unusually sited under the seats. And thirdly, the leaf-sprung rear suspension is very compact.

At the wheel, you sit up high on a supportive seat with excellent views of the road ahead, the gearstick well positioned for easy access from a steering wheel that adjusts for rake but not for reach. The instrumentation is clear but minimalist, with a multi-function digital trip computer to the right of the speedo that can be set to display engine revs, fuel consumption and other journey data. Storage areas - 13 apparently - are everywhere, most notably with the deep box between the seats but as well as the usual glovebox and slim door pockets, the tally also includes cup and bottle holders, coin trays and a large bin beneath the driver’s seat.

Standard equipment runs to a trip computer and an MP3-compatible CD radio but you’ll need to opt for a plusher version if you’re hoping to find things like power windows, electric mirrors and remote central locking. Base trim only offers a driver’s airbag, so if you want more comprehensive safety kit, you'll need the optional Safety Pack with its ESP stability control, passenger airbag and twin side airbags. If you’re carrying people rather than packages, you may want to consider finding a couple of thousand more over the price of this van model and opting for a Combi variant, offering either 5 or 7 seats.

Before this van came along, most of us thought the market’s existing small LCVs to be pretty space-efficient. Judged against the NV200 though, nearly all of them have some way to go in this respect. True, there may be more exciting small vans to look at but there are certainly few more practical ones to own.

Who needs long wheelbase price and complication when so much can be squeezed out of a standard bodyshape. In this respect, this Nissan really does offer another dimension to the compact van sector. As a result, it's easy to see how open-minded operators could be persuaded to give the NV200 a go.

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