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Low running costs, easy charging and fewer maintenance costs for your business. Make the switch today with our best electric and hybrid van lease deals.

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Peugeot Partner Lease Deals

7 Deals to Choose From
Commercial lease
Per Month +VAT

Nissan Townstar Lease Deals

9 Deals to Choose From
Commercial lease
Per Month +VAT

Save on an electric car with salary sacrifice

Citroen Berlingo Lease Deals

5 Deals to Choose From
Commercial lease
Per Month +VAT

Maxus Deliver 3 Lease Deals

2 Deals to Choose From
Commercial lease
Per Month +VAT

Vauxhall Combo Cargo Lease Deals

8 Deals to Choose From
Commercial lease
Per Month +VAT

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Lease Deals

2 Deals to Choose From
Commercial lease
Per Month +VAT

Maxus Deliver 9 Lease Deals

14 Deals to Choose From
Commercial lease
Per Month +VAT

Ford Tourneo Custom Lease Deals

16 Deals to Choose From
Commercial lease
Per Month +VAT

Looking for a hybrid deal instead?

Ford Transit Lease Deals

91 Deals to Choose From
Commercial lease
Per Month +VAT

Maxus T90 Lease Deals

1 Perfect Deal
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Per Month +VAT

Benefits of Electric Van Lease Deals

Easy Rapid Charging

Charging is ever more accessible as the UK now has over 40,000 charge points. The network of electric charge points across the UK is growing, making it more accessible to top-up company vans while out on the road. Current rapid charge points are located in convenient locations, such as motorway service stations. Here, electric vans can access fast charge points delivering up to 80% charge in around 30 minutes.

Save Money With Government Grants

You can also utilise grants, such as the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), to install more sockets at your premises. This provides a grant towards the cost of purchasing and installing charge points at your business premises. Eligible organisations can get funding for up to 40 sockets with a cap of £350 per charge point.

Lower Running Costs

With the price of petrol and diesel fluctuating, running a fleet of vans can be costly. However, switching to an electric van reduces overall running costs. For example, charging a Volkswagen e-Transport costs around £5.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Another saving for your business when switching to electric is on general servicing and maintenance. In short, electric vans don't have as many moving parts, such as an engine and exhaust system, so there are fewer repair bills to worry about.

No Congestion Charges

If your company vans drive in and around London, your business can make big savings on congestion charges with an electric van. This is because electric vehicles don't incur congestion and ULEZ charges, which could save you around £5,000 a year per vehicle.

Lower BiK Rates

By leasing an electric van, you enjoy reduced Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax rates for your company vehicle. Current rates for zero-emissions vans are 2% (for 2022 - 2025) and 23% for hybrid vans.

No Road Tax

Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) or road tax is another cost to businesses each year. However, with an electric van, your company vehicles are exempt from paying, as they produce zero emissions.

If you opt for a hybrid vehicle, road tax is payable. Current rates are between £0 and £105 for the first year and £145 for each year after.

Improved Range

Battery power and range are typically a sticking point when considering an electric van over diesel power. However, brand new electric and hybrid vans provide an impressive range for the vehicle size, with most delivering between 150 and 200 miles between top-ups.


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Popular Electric Van Lease Brands

At Leasing Options, we have a range of electric van leasing deals for an affordable monthly cost. Or why not try a hybrid van? It's a great way to try out the capabilities and convenience of electric with the backup of traditional fuel for longer journeys.

Popular electric leasing brands

Find the Right Electric Van for Your Business

Small Electric Vans

Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall are top options if you're looking for a smaller van that packs some serious storage. The models on offer include the e-Berlingo, e-Partner and Combo-e, which share similar sizes and designs. With three seats up front and up to 3.3 cubic metres of space in the back, there's plenty of room for deliveries or work van needs. As for range capability, these models also give you up to 170 miles between charges.

Midsize Electric Vans

Moving to the popular midsize van range includes favourites, such as the Vauxhall Vivaro-e, Toyota Proace Electric and Peugeot e-Expert. With the larger battery size, these models provide up to 205 miles of range and are available in two body lengths. Cargo space is ample for business use with up to 6.6 cubic metres, offering a similar payload to their diesel counterparts.

Large Electric Vans

A top choice for companies looking for larger vans is the Fiat E-Ducato. This van is available in three body lengths and has up to 17 cubic metres of space (depending on the layout choice). The range is also impressive, with up to 224 miles between top-ups. Companies don't have to worry too much about charging times either, as this model reaches around 80% charge between two to four hours (depending on battery size).

Salary sacrifice Benefits for employees

EV salary sacrifice helps your business become more sustainable and rewards your team, with no cost to the company

Hit your sustainability goals

Lead the charge against climate change. Give your team an alternative to petrol & diesel.

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75% of employees are more likely to stay with their employer because of their employee benefits package.

While keeping costs down

Save on national insurance contributions and give your team a cost-free benefit. And there's no cost to join.

Electric Van Lease Deals FAQs

Can I lease an electric van?
Yes, leasing an electric van couldn't be easier with our range of new, eco-friendly models. Choose either hybrid or electric and enjoy lower running costs, less maintenance and affordable monthly payments from over 10 van manufacturers.
What is the best electric van?
The best electric vans for lease include the Mercedes Benz eSprinter, Volkswagen e-Transporter and Peugeot e-Partner.
Can I lease a van for work?
Yes, business van leasing contracts are available for work vehicles. We have a wide selection of cheap van lease deals plus in-stock van leasing suitable for all types of company needs.
How much does it cost to charge an electric van in the UK?
The cost to charge an electric van varies depending on the model. However, as an example, charging a Volkswagen e-Transporter with an average 14p per kilowatt-hour tariff costs just over £5 for a full charge.
Are there any hybrid vans?
Yes. There is a selection of hybrid vans available, such as the Ford Transit Custom PHEV.
What's the range of electric vans?

The range of electric vans varies between models. Some examples of popular models include:

  • Citroen e-Dispatch - up to 205 miles
  • Peugeot e-Partner - up to 170 miles
  • Vauxhall Movano-e - up to 169 miles
  • Fiat E-Ducato - up to 224 miles

Figures shown are averages, and range capability is subject to several factors including van model, driving conditions, load weight, speed and optimum charge rates.