Tour de Yorkshire

The Tour de France has its opening stages on the 5th and 6th of July and they are in Yorkshire with the weekday stages starting in Cambridge and finishing outside the iconic Buckingham Palace in London.

This event will see the 198 riders and all their support teams and vehicles start will start in Leeds on Saturday and make the usual 25.43km (15.8 miles) journey to Harrogate a gruelling 190km (118 miles) trip through the Yorkshire countryside and several smaller towns including Skipton and Harewood. Sunday will see the competitors take a 201km (124.8 miles) trek from York right around the western side of Leeds to Sheffield travelling along the boundary of the county whilst travelling through places such as Huddersfeild and Knaresborough. On both days there will be 1000s of fans lining the course causing even more traffic and delays.

Although this event does not travel down the main arterial routes lots of minor roads will be closed causing heavier traffic on the main routes, motorists are advised if they must travel to give themselves a lot of extra time to reach their destinations. On Saturday in Leeds the roads form the City Centre to Regent Street will be closed from Friday till mid afternoon on Saturday and from Regent Street all the way to the A660 including the A6120 and roads in Harewood will be closed from 4:30 on Saturday till late afternoon. Though with the nature of the event not all times can be confirmed precisely until the event so motorists are also advised to check the road closures for Saturday and Sunday at