First off, it goes from 0-60 in a miniscule 7.1 seconds, which is fast even by Clarkson’s exceptionally high standards. Hefty though this mammoth motor is; it is actually quite nimble and nippy when properly tested out and can also be driven on more unmanageable territories such as sandy beaches and dirt tracks if you are planning a trip away from town. Next year’s Land Rover boasts some quite fantastic features such as a wading sensor for entering deep waters, cruise control which actually adapts to the roads around you and an intricate system which automatically exits parking bays. Some people are a little concerned that larger vehicles are tricky to park, especially if they reside on a busy street and there are no allocated spaces in which to house your automobile, but the fact of the matter is thus; the pros more than outweigh the cons-and then some! Future developments also include fuel-saving devices, traffic sign recognition and lane departure warning technology; so tailgaters beware! Sure, the Range Rover Evoque looks absolutely awesome and has so many snazzy attributes added on to the already appealing exterior, but you are completely content with your gorgeous Land Rover Range Rover Sport Diesel Estate for the time being. As you are a rather shrewd and astute individual you have already secured the most affordable business car leasing deal on the market, which comes courtesy of Leasing Options of course. Seriously, you have told people about our incredible business contract hire agreements for ages now, even though you were considering keeping this info secret, and your colleagues have finally listened to you for once. Hence why the office joker is riding around in a teeny-tiny Mini and the head honcho is cruisin’ along in a lovely Lexus. Hopefully you will now be considered for promotion after the heads-up regarding business contract hire. The Land Rover has long been regarded as one of the most dependable and roomy vehicles available on the market and is perfect for long-haul journeys as well as weekend breaks away to France if you fancy a bit of Gallic culture. Land Rover business car leasing packagesfrom Leasing Options come with the guarantee of quality, superiority and excellence. Heated rear front windows and windscreens, rain sensor wipers and hill descent control brakes are part and parcel of the composition of this amazing automobile, and if you pay a little extra then you can also benefit from park assist systems, rear view cameras and blind spot monitors to guarantee extra safety. Just give us a bell on 0161 826 3877 if you want to drive away with the bargain of the century.