You only have a couple of months to wait until you can get your hands on this highly desirable roadside companion, and it is proving to be as sought after as gas guzzlers such as the Merc, BMW and Jag. Coming from humble beginnings has not harmed the Mondeo one jot; in fact it has worked in its favour if anything. The reason why the 2013 model is substantially larger than designs of old is because of the bigger front and rear overhangs, making it more spacious and accommodating than ever before. Slimmer headlights and an Aston Martin-esque ‘trapezoidal’ grille gives the Ford a modern day uplift and it looks and feels sleeker and snazzier than ever. The interior is plush and lavish, with more soft-touch finishes added to its composition. Such embellishments include voice controls, WI-FI hotspots and inflatable seatbelts in the back which will reduce the risk of injury considerably. One of the main reasons why you choose a particular make of car is down to how safe and secure it is, which is why countless individuals choose sturdy little hatchbacks as opposed to sportier numbers. Ford Mondeo car leasing from Leasing Options is the perfect solution to all of your driving dilemmas. Whilst you wait impatiently for the newer Mondeo to become available on the market at a more reasonable price than its initial selling value you can take advantage of our unbeatable Ford personal and business car lease agreements, and we have so many additional components for you to choose from. For next to nothing you can spruce up an older Mondeo and make it look the biz with an electric tilt/slide sunroof, a top of the range multimedia DVD system and even keyless entry apparatus for extra protection. What would potential thieves think when they tried to break into your car, only to find that it was completely impossible to gain access, due to the fact that there was absolutely no way into the vehicle unless you had the necessary equipment to open the door? This is why you should take advantage of our superb Ford business and personal lease agreements, as we guarantee that you will find the vehicle of your dreams. Ford car leasing does not necessarily mean that you are beholden to the Mondeo, as we have plenty of other models to test out on a 2, 3 or 4 year basis. The Fiesta, Focus, Galaxy and Grand are highly desirable and sought after and we constantly review all Ford car leasing packages to make sure that you are getting the best deal. If you want to find out a little more or get a free quote then just get in touch with Leasing Options on 0161 826 3763.