This may seem rather tricky and complicated, but it is a vital necessity, unfortunately. You should get on with the more exciting business of hand picking a brand spanking new motor before you sort all that tricky business out; one that is in peak condition and has not clocked up a multitude of miles due to it being run ragged by its previous owner. If you want something nifty and nippy, speedy and zippy; then the Subaru Impreza Hatchback will be right up your street. From a mere £286 per month, this gorgeous gas guzzler is available from Leasing Options (the car leasing specialists) in a variety of different shades and colours, and if you opt for a solid finish then it is completely free of charge! Metallic and pearlescent paint costs a little bit extra; but it is well worth paying the extra price. Black cloth adds a nice dimension to the look and feel of the interior, and won’t cost you a penny either! See, we are pretty generous really. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a James May, e.g. a ‘Captain Slow’ figure; then this can be rather detrimental to your reputation as a driving Don. Loveable and affable this guy may be he is constantly mocked by his fellow presenters for being; well a little bit daft, if truth be told. So why not radically change your image and get hold of one of our impressive Subaru car leasing models? With 32.8 MPG, collapsible windscreen wipers and speed sensitive power steering, it is a far cry from the staid old bangers that Mr May is used to operating. You need to get with the times and keep up with modern-day life; not be stuck in the Dark Ages forever. The only thing that you need to know about business and personal car leasing agreements is that they are tailored and customised to meet all specific requirements, and personal preferences. Commercial clients will reap the rewards of affordable business car leasing deals, as where else are you going to find a jazzy Jag, beautiful BMW or flashy Merc for next to nothing? Also, these vehicles can be contracted for up to five years, so you can hire them on a pretty long-term basis if they take your fancy. Go on, you know you are tempted! Subaru Impreza personal car lease deals from Leasing Options will not leave you out of pocket, and come highly recommended by other diligent motorists who take pride in their vehicles, and will spend a whole Sunday making sure that they are sparking and pristine. Get in touch today on 0161 826 3705 and see what we have to offer.