It made its grand debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show and was an instant hit with motorists from all around the world. The Cadenza takes its name from the common Italian musical term ‘cadence’, which means a melodic or harmonic configuration at the end of a phrase, section or piece of music, which is actually entirely appropriate. Putting all of the flowery language aside; it is actually a perfect match to the model, as driver and vehicle will indeed work together in perfect harmony and hit all the right notes when they are on the road. The combination is lethal; as the Kia demands attention and has to be controlled with consummate ease; so you had better brace yourself for the driving experience of a lifetime! It is actually incredibly simple to operate and extremely comfortable to boot, which is a massive advantage if you are planning a trip abroad or intend on venturing down to the coast from your Northern habitat. If you need to be persuaded further (you stubborn individual, you) then try this for size. You have a choice of two bespoke packages which both have their benefits. The Premium deal comes complete with a fabulous full length panoramic sunroof with fully retractable shade, heated power-adjustable steering wheel and adaptive HID headlights. If you opt for the Tech bundle then you will be blown away as it includes a hydrophobic windshield, turbine-look 19-inch aluminium wheels and blind-spot monitoring if you need a helping hand. With a single trim level, dual zone climate control and 12-speaker Infinity audio system you will be hard pressed to find a more desirable automobile than the 2014 version of the Kia Cadence. If you are sitting on your sofa, impatiently waiting on the arrival of this classic motor then why not hire a lovely Kia from Leasing Options to tie you over for the time being? Kia car leasing is affordable, flexible and tailored to your exact specifications. Sure, our Kia personal car leasing deals do not stretch to in-built glorified miniature cinemas (yet) but what we can guarantee is a dependable and trustworthy service. Optima, Picanto, Sorento and Sportage models are part and parcel of Kia personal and business car leasing agreements, and you can always add metallic or solid paint to give them that extra glossy sheen. All of these automobiles are reliable, sturdy, spacious and roomy, so you cannot really go far wrong if you eventually decide to plump for top of the range Kia car leasing deals from Leasing Options. For any more information you can always give us a call on 0161 820 6590 and we will be more than happy to discuss things further.