The Peugeot 2008 Hybrid Air is a huge step forward in economic driving as the new air-hybrid could cut fuel bills by a staggering 45% as the engineers hope that the finalised showroom car could reach an impressive 94 mpg. As long as the sales are as healthy as the company hope the is also the first step on the road that Peugeot engineers feel could bring a car that could do 140mpg.

2008 is due to be released for public sale in 2016 with the aim to provide affordable zero-emission city driving for the masses. The current price estimate is a very affordable £16000 and is only likely to change under extreme circumstances in final production. However if Peugeot want customers to be blown away by the 2008 not only do they need to ensure the early technical glitches shown by the vehicle are completely corrected but they also need to ensure that the sound of the air pump is lessened; as the constant hiss has been the only true complaint about the overall air engine experience.

If the air engine were to take off they way Peugeot hope it will it could mean the end of the more costly electric hybrid dominance of eco cars in the UK and maybe even spell the end for the type of hybrid all together.