It's true. Don't ask us how, but despite grey skies and more than enough of the moist stuff, here in Britain there are more cabriolet drivers than what you will find in neighbouring EU countries; trailing only behind the Germans in the convertible stakes.

Although we admit that you could blink and miss the summer completely, we certainly have a passion and a certain debonair approach to enjoying every brief second when the sun peeps from behind a cloud.

And the threat of a light shower certainly doesn't deter us from enjoying a quick blast with the wind in our hair, and a huge smile on our faces! In fact, we believe drivers revel in it, that, optimism and a little faith that by the time you pop your jacket on, walk to the garage and fold away the roof, the rain will have given up and left you alone anyway.

The fact is still there, even once we have slated the poor performance of our mediocre weather front, that British motorists have, perhaps, the most definitive of love affairs with the convertible car. Yes, we buy more than the Spanish, the Italians and the French, who, let's face it have much better luck in the weather department.

But it is the whole stigma surrounding the Brits, having a stiff upper lip and being thick-skinned, that sees us shun off the typical things that could put other motoring nations off owning cabriolets, such as a poor track record for sunny days!

Instead, we find that there is no other feeling like blasting the metaphorical cobwebs out of our system after being cooped up in an office cubicle for 5 days, opening our senses up to a whole new world when exposed to the sounds, smells, sights and sensations felt by driving with the roof down.

With advancements in soft-top designs and materials meaning a much higher level of reliability and water repelling qualities, many convertible car owners can look forward to soaking up whatever rays of sunshine will grace up this year, especially if choosing one of the many cabriolet models we have on offer here at Leasing Options Ltd.

We've got a great selection of cloud busting deals to drive away any grey spots, from economical, low cost options such as the Citroen DS3 Cabrio from as little as £157.60+VAT per month to a sensational offer on a limited selection of Mercedes-Benz SLK Diesel Roadsters, for as unbelievably little as £269.99+VAT per month when taking out either a 2, 3 or 4 year lease!

So come on, celebrate the British Summer in true style and discover a brilliant bargain that will have you smiling well into the distance....