The Concept Honda Civic Type R revealed at the Paris Motor Show will stop all boy racers in their tracks.

Although the Civic Type R displayed at the Motor Show is a concept, Honda have promised the production car which is to be released early 2015, will be similar in looks and will boast 280+bhp from its new 2.0l turbocharged i-VTECH engine – yes, this is the first time a turbo has been fitted to a Type R model!

To keep the horses under control, the guys at Honda have developed the front suspension set-up to reduce torque steer and keep the hot hatch’s 20 inch wheels firmly glued to the tarmac while achieving 0-60 mph in just 6 seconds.

In an effort to make this hot hatch a little more comfortable for everyday use, Honda have developed a new Adaptive Damper system. Taking it easy at lower speeds around town the system realises you need a little more comfort and adjusts the front dampers to give a softer ride quality. Pedal to the metal though and the dampers automatically firm up allowing controlled cornering.

Golf R and Focus RS owners, this will be the one to keep your eye on. Prices are expected to be £30,000.