We will now count down the remaining places in the top ten most expensive auctioned cars. Placing in both 3rd and 4th place are two Ferrari 250s though these were the 1957 Testa Rossa models. The two prices varied greatly as in 2009 the 4th place there was $12,402,500 where as in 2011 the price went up to $16,390,000. In 5th place is another Ferrari 250 though once again this is a 3rd model the 1961 GT SWB California Spider sold for a price of $10,894,900 once again a dramatically lower price in 2008 then in 2009.

In 6th place is the first Bugatti on our list and it is the 1931 Royale Kellner Coupe. The Kellner Coupe sold in 1987 for $9,800,000 which after inflation would be around $20 million in today’s value. In 7th place is another Bugatti Royale however this is the 1931 Berline De Voyage version and although it was only sold a year earlier it only collected $6,500,000. In 8th is our only Aston Martin in the list and it is the 1957 DBR2 which sold in 1985 for $3,424,490. In 9th is our token Alfa Romeo as no car list is truly completes without the Italian manufacturer, in 1985 the 1934 Tipo B was sold for $2.7 million. Finally our list is complete with the 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500k Roadster which was sold in 1984 for $1.45 million.