Such damning criticism of the old-fashioned, dowdy A-Class has infuriated many vehicle owners, as there is technically nothing wrong with this automobile other than the fact that there are newer kids on the block. A simple forwards-and-backwards motion makes the Merc easy to operate, even if you are relatively new to the motoring world, and you will no doubt appreciate the craftsmanship of the luxurious, comfortable interior and spacious seating. There is also a rather snazzy and innovative device installed in more modern vehicles which can monitor driver behaviour and indicates when you are feeling tired or drowsy, so you can work out when to stop at a service station for a much-needed pick-me-up. A cup of strong coffee will set you up for the rigours of the day and ensure that your reactions are speedy and swift as opposed to sluggish and lethargic. You need to be fully aware of the movements of fellow motorists and you should not fall in the trap of constantly overtaking slower drivers if you have a faster car. A recent survey showed that tailgating was the second most annoying thing that people had to encounter on a day to day basis, only surpassed by noisy teenagers on public transport. Handling larger automobiles can be rather tricky at times, especially if you have rowdy children in the back seat and it is not made any better by that irritating Audi on your back, mere millimetres away from the rear of your car. Tailgating can be extremely dangerous as it does not allow any time to break should you have to make a sharp stop at any given time. When traffic lights change, or there are signs to keep your speed at 40 miles an hour due to essential road works, then tailgaters could find themselves in a little bit of a pickle. Leasing Options guarantees that you are covered for all damages and liability if you choose to opt for one of our bespoke personal car leasing packages. Two, three or even four-year personal car leasing contracts are absolutely perfect if you are looking to loan a vehicle on a semi-permanent basis and there are so many fantastic models for you to have a gander at. Personal contract hire vehicles can be altered to meet all personal specifications, and you can tweak any automobile to add a little ‘je ne sais quos’ to your driving experience. Heated windscreens, privacy glass, luxury automatic climate control systems and front fog lights are all there for the taking at a minimal cost, as Leasing Options aims to keep rates to a minimum whilst maintaining excellent standards of service. If you want to find out more about our incredible Mercedes-Benz car leasing deals then just give us a bell on 0161 826 3753.