The more fuel-efficient and less-polluting the vehicles we have on our roads, the better. That might not be a view shared by everyone, but it is an opinion that is growing in popularity. Perhaps in part because eco cars are better for the environment and partly because they are better for your wallet in terms of fuel consumption and reliability.

Since the first eco car launched in the UK in the 1990s, eco cars have come a long way. Today you can choose from hybrid cars, electric vehicles (EVs), hydrogen cars and solar cars.

And as the demand for greener cars increases, so too does the technology driving their manufacture. Environmentally-friendly cars are constantly improving, with more focus being placed on reducing pollution and waste without sacrificing the driver experience.

Each year holds new surprises in the development of green car technology. And with each model launched car manufacturers are upping their game.

The electric car is central to the long-term plans of the motoring industry, but their development has not always been straight-forward. For EVs, increasing the amount of miles a car can travel between charges is a priority. Simplifying the charging process, in terms of the number of public charging stations and the speed of the charge time is another key focus. Shaking off the slightly "boring" image of the environmentally-friendly car is a third. And this is where Nissan are hoping to centre stage with the launch of the Leaf.

Already boasting its place as one of the leading EVs on the road today, the Nissan Leaf was the first 100% battery-powered car to achieve good sales in the UK. With a top speed of 90mph, 124 miles on a single charge and zero Co2 emissions the Leaf's vital statistics make for reassuring reading.

Hoping to make your life easier the Leaf comes with a reversing camera, keyless ignition and satnav as standard. The satnav goes one better by detailing how many miles you have left before you need to recharge, and where the nearest recharge points are located.

If you are looking to lease an electric car which make financial sense you'd be hard pressed to find one better than the Nissan Leaf. With no fuel the Leaf has very low running costs and is just a few pounds to charge. It is a great city car option which offers comfort, a decent-sized boot and a fair amount of style. It also comes with the peace of mind you are making a statement about the environment and doing your bit to help.

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