The all new egg with wings, oh no sorry it’s called E4U by Hyundai is a single person fleet, with its key attractions being easy to park, the E4U is handled by an electric motor and the driver’s bodily movement, you could say you’ve got to be on the ball to be driving this one. Brace yourself guys… We know Hyundai are one of those innovative, quirky kinds of companies when it comes to making things; but then again that’s the Japanese in them, full of creativity ay? So every year Hyundai push this same creativity within their engineer and design teams by holding the IDEA festival, an internal competition which hosts vibrant displays of technology and innovation. To excite and draw in new entries they displayed some of last year’s designs in Korea this year with the E4U being amongst one of them. The abbreviation ‘E4U’ stands for Egg, Evolution, Electricity and Eco-friendly, and with a soaring speed of 15mph (yeah okay I’m being sarcastic) and a weight of 80kgs, the egg is also foldable for a compact fit in small spaces and is perfect for urban roads and smaller streets! Although there is no news of this little invention being manufactured for sale just yet, it’s good to see some of amazing ideas flying about. At Leasing Options, we specialise in business car leasing, personal car leasing, car finance and car hire with a huge catalogue of over 11,000 cars you can be sure to find something to suit both your lifestyle and budget. As one of the UK’s leading car leasing businesses we understand how hard finances can get in the growing economy and so offer you the best deals! Browse our website for more information on our car finance.