Honda Civic Typr R

The Civic Type R races into its 2020 model year bring a few changes in the process – and some are more significant than others. Honda has revised the suspension and brakes, while also modifying the styling inside and out and adding as standard the new Honda ‘Sensing’ suite of driver-assist features.

Pictured here is the 2020 Type R in its new Boost Blue exterior color and sporting a larger front grille opening that's said to help engine cooling. Inside, the steering wheel is now wrapped in faux suede and the shifter has a different design and shorter throws.

2020 Type R

Performance enhancements include new brake rotors and pads that are intended to reduce fade, and a revised suspension with tweaked dampers, stiffer rear bushings and unspecified changes to the front suspension setup meant to improve steering feel. Fake sound is now part of the equation and supposedly adjusts its intensity based on the different driving modes.

2020 Type R Rear

We don't usually mind when high-performance cars like this are missing driver-assist features, but Honda decided to add its Honda ‘Sensing’ suite of safety kit as standard anyway. That means the 2020 Civic Type R now has features such as forward collision warning, lane-departure alert, and automatic emergency braking.

Honda UK hasn't yet shared an on-sale date for the 2020 Civic Type R, but we should find out more details later this year before that happens.