Volkswagen yesterday revealed the planned improvements to come in next year's Golf, and there's loads of new tech to get excited about. With the Mk 8 Golf not due until 2018, these changes are to refresh the current Mk 7 model and will be featured from early next year. Whilst there are only a couple of tweaks to exterior (new front and rear LED lights, bumpers and front wings) the inside of the car has some notable improvements.



  • “Discover Pro” infotainment system (above) will now be on offer in the Golf, making it the first compact car to use a gesture control system.
  • Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist will now be available, these systems automatically keep the car a safe distance from the vehicle in front.
  • The interior sees updated decorative trim panels in the doors, dash panel and centre console, as well as new seat covers.
  • The new 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG) will replace all 6-speed DSGs for the Golf.
  • “Automatic Accident Notification” and “Breakdown Call” use the infotainment system to contact Volkswagen's Emergency Call Centre which can arrange assistance
  • More power for the Golf GTI: 169 kW/230 PS and GTI Performance: 180 kW/245 PS


Plenty of reasons to get you in a new Golf in 2017. Would these updates tempt you to upgrade or will you be waiting for the Mk 8 in 2018?