After the release of the front wheel drive 2-series active tourer earlier this year BMW are planning on releasing another 6 cars font wheel drive cars all between now and the end of 2017. All the cars will primarily be front wheel drive however some models may also 4 wheel drive version released at the same time and the cars will be brought out on the UKL1 that is currently bringing out 8 models of Minis with the same front wheel drive system. The cars will all be powered by 3-cyclinder turbocharged engines as part of the aim to cut emissions down for the EU regulations that come into place in 2020.

BMW purists however have been angered by the switch from rear to front wheel drive cars as they feel it could damage the driving quality that they have been so use to with the BMW name. However the BMW chiefs have stated that they believe most drivers won’t even be able to tell the difference between the new driving styles. However even with this anger BMW has set release for a 7-seater active tourer, X1, X2, Z2 and both a 3 door and a 5 door 1 series to start next year with the final model to finally to be released in late 2017.