Tracking system provider Ctrack has developed a new monitoring tool that sends fleets data about the fuel consumed by operating vehicles, Fleet World reports.

The solution, called Fuel Reader, allows fleets to track the performance of their vehicles and in turn stay in control over fuel costs and determine where improvements can be made.

Fuel consumption usually accounts for over 25% of fleet operators' expenses and it is important for them to be completely aware of the amount of fuel used by their fleets and the carbon emissions that come along with it, says John Wisdom, managing director of Ctrack. Fuel Reader is compatible with all existing tracking solutions of Ctrack and provides all the necessary information to help fleets operate their vehicles in a more responsible and efficient manner, he said.

The tool can be plugged into the OBD II port of the vehicle to interpret data coming straight from the engine control unit. The device accurately calculates fuel usage, carbon emissions and revolutions per minute (RPM). The data is then transferred via Bluetooth to Ctrack's tracking unit, providing fleets with real-time information and previous fuel consumption data through their existing management and reporting platform. This way, companies have a better idea as to the amount of fuel used and any possible fuel loss.

In addition to fuel consumption, fleets using the device can also monitor the condition of the vehicles. The tool can send engine diagnostic messages, helping fleets schedule maintenance and alert the driver immediately if there is a problem. This way, fleets will be able to quickly address technical issues and optimise the condition of the vehicles, thus avoiding extra damage and improving the safety of the drivers.