For anyone who loves their Tiguan (or any SUV for that matter) but could do with an extra row of seats, Volkswagen have answered your prayers with a stunning new model. The Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace is expected to go on sale towards the second half of 2017 and boy are we excited!




Volkswagen have very sensibly only made minor adjustments in terms of styling. Changes include a redesigned rear door, an additional rear window and a flatter roof for additional headroom in the middle row. Apart from that, the Tiguan body has remained pretty much the same, which we are very pleased about. Inside, changes have been kept to a minimum too, with Volkswagen maintaining their slick design and high quality materials.



Space and Practicality

The new seven-seater boot is incredibly spacious boasting an impressive 730-litres. When the two back row seats are folded down, you’ll have access to a giant 1,770 - litre load bay. Similar to competitors, the Allspace comes with five seats as standard and the third row will be available as an optional extra.




The technology inside has been updated to keep up with the more luxurious SUVs in the market. A satnav, eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth and air-conditioning all come as standard. Apple Carplay and Android Auto will also be available alongside numerous driver assist systems. On mid-range models, lane assist, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and traffic jam assist will come as standard. Top of the range models are fitted with active info display - VW’s answer to digital gauges.




The seven-seater will come in three petrol engines and three diesel engines, producing between 148hp and 238hp. Other than the two 148hp engines, which are front wheel drive and have a manual gearbox, all other models will offer four-wheel drive and a DSG automatic gearbox.