Cassiopae, a global leader in finance and asset management software, has joined the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) - the British trade body for firms in the rental and leasing of cars and commercial vehicles sector - the provider said in a press release.

Cassiopae's software for vehicle lease and fleet management will manage contract purchase, contract hire, performing and non-performing leases, lease purchases, hire and finance lease and fleet management contracts, along with the maintenance history for each vehicle.

The highly-configurable, multi-lingual and multi-currency solution enables secure and efficient leasing management from sales ledger billing to purchasing, maintenance control and reserve account accruals. Users will be able to receive notifications for road license renewals, inspections and the system will also warn them if the vehicle requires replacement.

The BVRLA is among the most respected and most professional associations in the industry, says Alun Booth, CEO of Cassiopae's UK operations. The goal is to use the software to bring value to the association and its members. We are very eager to show our support to the BVLRA and its exceptional efforts in this sector, Booth added.

The BVRLA welcomed Cassiopae as its partner and is looking forward to working with the software provider in the future, said Gerry Keaney, the chief executive of the association. The vehicle leasing and rental sector is very important for the British economy, Keaney stated, adding that it is a £14 billion industry and membership in the association provides businesses with access to key players in the sector.

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