Another year and it’s already time for the AGM at Audi, which will, aside from record deliveries and big investment, have another gem to get excited about…news of a new car to add to their expanding product line!

Not simply any new car, what we will be treated to is the first of what is reported to be a fully-electric SUV - the first of a successive range of EV’s Audi have said will be launched annually.

Due in 2018, the “Sporty SUV will offer Tesla-beating range and performance and judging by last years E-tron Quattro Concept, we will not go unimpressed.

Currently Elon Musk and Tesla have a strong foothold in the luxury, performance Electric Vehicle market, with their Model S and the upcoming Model X (pictured above) and Model 3(below), providing motorists with high-end EV’s but with Audi’s plans, the sparks will undoubtedly start flying.

Details of the new SUV reportedly will be following the E-tron Quattro Concept layout, being powered by electric motors (one driving each axle) displacing a combined, eye-watering 503bhp.

Audi have claimed a 0-62mph time of 4.6 secs, a top speed of 131mph and range of 310 miles on a single charge. The question is, should Elon see this as a motivation to push the tesla boundaries further?

Well, it is anyone’s game at the moment. We will be receiving the Model X in the first half of 2017 so the Audi EV will still have strong competition…we wait eagerly for 2018.