Come and visit this miniscule automobile! This baby is truly a huge (no pun intended) rival in the car department, with its ability to be a nifty little bugger. Like the Smart Car, the Mini is a smart design with a small, skinny framework. This particular version of the car found worldwide recognition when it featured in the hit 1969 movie ‘The Italian Job’ with Michael Caine (try and say that without doing a cockney accent – I know I can’t!). Ever since ’69, this car has been in high demand and in particular the Mini car leasing option is in even higher demand. So it’s no great surprise that the Mini is one of the most popular road runners today. The MINI HATCHBACK DIESEL 1.6 Cooper D 3dr [Pepper Pack] comes with the latest diesel engine and like the majority of all of our affordable cars here at Leasing Options. The Mini leasing is available for 3 or 4 years. Our Mini car leasing monthly price and the energy efficient engine means that you can get one of the bigger and better car leasing deals for the Mini. Our Mini car leasing deals start from £179.99 (exc. VAT). It doesn’t get any better than that now does it? Oh but it does…The Mini comes fit with over 15 colours, so if you like the rocking red from ‘The Italian Job’, or you prefer the cool blue because, you think it’s way more chilled out then the preference, it’s down to you! For further information on our Mini leasing deals whether it’s for business car leasing or personal car leasing, get in touch with Leasing Options today on 0161 703 8744. See you soon guys and let’s hope leasing is the option for you here at Leasing Options!