With Christmas and New Year out of the way, it's time to set goals for the year ahead. Promises to yourself can be hard to keep though, so everyone could do with a helping hand, here are 8 ways leasing a brand new vehicle could help you stick to your resolutions.


Get out more

Is your motor holding you back from the great outdoors? With fantastic deals available on some brilliant 4x4 vehicles like the Land Rover Discovery, you could choose a new car to help you get out more and experience the world around you like never before.


Get your finances in order

Keeping a vehicle on the road can be expensive. From big upfront payments to unexpected costs, car ownership takes its toll on your wallet. Taking a contract hire deal on a great value vehicle like the Vauxhall Adam with one simple monthly rental to worry about can help you get everything in check.


Help the enviornment

Many people want to go green in the new year, so what better way than to scrap your old gas guzzler for something more efficient? New cars can offer some fantastic mpg figures so you could save a packet on fuel, or why not go electric? Take a look at our deals on the zero emissions Hyundai Ioniq for example.


Earn more money

Always wanted to start your own business? Or perhaps you just fancy something extra on the side? Leasing a commercial vehicle like the Ford Transit Connect could help set up countless different freelancing opportunities, giving you the chance to follow your dreams!


Have more fun!

2017 doesn't all have to be about hard work and self improvement, why not resolve to have more fun too! We've got some brillliant deals on sports cars and convertibles, like the Mazda MX-5, to set your pulse racing throughout the year.


Get organised

Are you the sort of person that keeps their last month's lunches in the footwell of their car for posterity? Or maybe it's the kids that are to blame? Perhaps a new roomy SUV like the Hyundai Tucson could help you keep yourself organised in 2017.


Spend more time with the family

There can surely be no better promise to make yourself than to spend more quality time with loved ones. Maybe it's time you upgraded your vehicle to fit the growing family? We've got some brilliant lease deals on MPVs like the Ford S-Max to help you transport everyone where they need to go.


Fall in love

Unfortunately Leasing Options won't be able to help you find that special someone, well until we set up our own dating service,  but before that happens perhaps it's time to fall in love with driving all over again with a brilliant new car like the Audi TT.