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This is a car that’s large – very large in fact. If space is something you need from your vehicle, you probably won’t get much more roomy than this. It seats 8 adults and has a very decent set of standard features, including alloy wheels, air conditioning, electric door mirrors, and traction control. Get in touch today for your Hyundai I800 contract hire or car leasing option.

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Hyundai I800 Review

When there’s no substitute for sheer size, the Hyundai i800 eight-seater people carrier might well be the last name to be crossed off your shortlist. Unlike virtually all other large MPVs, it can take eight people – and all their luggage. And for a price that’ll surprise you. Big and clever then: a strong combination.

If you regularly transport seven people, then you’ll already know that most large seven-seater MPVs have one pretty significant drawback. With all the seats in use, you can’t fit much luggage in. That’s why larger families or businesses regularly needing to transport clients often need something even bigger. Something like the – Hyundai’s i800.

Like its competitors, the i800 is based on a van. Anything with as much space inside really has to be. What, you wonder, might it be like trying to manoeuvre something over five metres long and weighing well over three tonnes? Could it really be a practical day-to-day proposition? The answer, you might be surprised to hear, is yes.

And the reasons for that impress themselves upon you in the first half a mile you spend behind the wheel. Yes it’s big, but you sit higher up in command of a huge glass area, with parking aided by standard reversing sensors. It all means that unless you’re a very nervous sort – or trying to manoeuvre round somewhere very tight – you quickly forget that the Hyundai is anything out of the ordinary at all in terms of its bulk. There’s even a reasonably tight 5.6m turning circle.

There are a few changes you’ll occasionally need to make to your motoring routine of course. You learn to avoid multi-storey carparks with their low ceilings and, you get lumped in with the vans and coaches on the Channel Tunnel, but otherwise, it’s all very car-like.

What matters is the massive 392Nm of torque on offer, enough to ensure that the i800 never feels sluggish, even with a full load. Power is transmitted via the rather long-throw five-speed manual gearbox, but the engine offers a genuine turn of pace and a triple digit top speed means that you aren’t going to be embarrassed on the motorway, even when fully loaded.

Even with all eight seats in use, there’s a 581-litre luggage bay – almost twice as much as some estate cars. Less impressive is the fact that when you’re not carrying people and you simply want luggage space, you can’t fold the second or third seating rows – or easily remove them unless you resort to complicated spannerwork.

Still, all is forgiven when you’ve a car full of people. Access is by sliding doors each side, enter in and you reach a world of space that makes something Ford Galaxy seem hopelessly compromised. To give you some idea of how big it really is, the Korean market offers a 12-seater version of this vehicle - but that really would be a squash. With eight of you inside, it really isn’t.

Behind the pair of seats up-front, there are two benches, each capable of accommodating three adults in comfort with uncompromised head and legroom. The middle row can slide backwards and forwards so that you can adjust either your own legroom entitlement or that of those behind. All the seats recline too, for greater comfort on long journeys. Even in the third seating row, easy to get to, even for elderly passengers, the largest occupants will be comfortable on the longest trips.

And for all on board, the ambience is far more car-like than other 'minibus' style rivals, with two-tone interior trim, privacy glass, a six-speaker audio system and ducted air conditioning throughout. Plus individually-controllable overhead vents in the rear make sure that everyone can keep their cool. Up-front, though the steering wheel is only rake adjustable, your captain’s chair offers a comfortable and commanding perch and there’s a smart metallic finish to the centre console. Storage is plentiful with proper, decently-sized door bins you can actually store ordinary things in. Other makers take note.

Even if you don’t need all of its eight seats, they’ll be plenty of occasions when its sheer size will come in useful. The i800 is, you see, the answer to every large family’s transportation prayers.

Though it’d be even better if you could remove or flatten the seating more easily when not in use, even as it stands the Hyundai is a flexible family solution and manages to be so at a fraction of the cost demanded by its German rivals. Size matters – and if you want proof, you’ll find it right here.

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