Insured Car Leasing

Fuel & Go is Leasing Options' all-in-one insured lease package, giving you everything you need from breakdown cover to maintenance and accident management, for complete car leasing care.

Find the best Fuel & Go deals
Find the best Fuel & Go deals

Find the best Fuel & Go deals

Everything In One Fixed Payment
Cover For Family / Spouse
Breakdown Assistance & Replacement Vehicle
Award Winning Cover


UK/EU Driving Licence

Held a full UK/EU driving licence for at least one year.

Aged Between 21-70

All drivers must be between the ages of 21 and 70

Medical Conditions

Have no medical conditions which the DVLA has advised you to stop driving.

Six Points

Have no more than six points on your driving licence recorded over the last five years.

Two Fault Claims

Have no more than two fault claims over the last 24 months.

Driving Bans

Have no driving bans within the last five years.

Refused Insurance Claims

Have no insurance claims refused in the past.

Key Benefits Of Insuring Your Car

Fix Costs Over Multiple Years

Need your car to be insured over a longer period, at a fixed price? No problem.

Family Cover

Our insured lease covers your family/spouse too.

Maintenance & Repairs

All scheduled maintenance and services included.

Accident Management

A dedicated team to help look after you, the car and getting back on the road.

Breakdown Cover

Receive breakdown cover from the best in business thanks to the AA.

Courtesy Car

Been in an accident or broken down? We will send out a courtesy car!

Total Loss Shortfall Protection Included

Fuel & Go covers you for any financial shortfall in the event of your vehicle being deemed a total loss as a result of an accident.

Totally Inclusive Vehicle Leasing

Car leasing essentially means you ‘rent’ a brand-new vehicle, making fixed monthly payments for a set period of time and an agreed mileage. When your contract ends, you return the car. With our Fuel & Go insured lease package, you get all the convenience of leasing a car plus everything else you will need once you are on the road.

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Fuel & Go vs Regular Leasing

 Base Lease
Everything in one fixed payment
Insured Lease Vehicle
Third Party Liability
Cover for Family/Spouse
Write Off Shortfall Protection*
Glass Cover
48 Hour Total Loss Process
Replacement Vehicle
Recovery Service
MID Updates
* Denotes that the feature is optional

Leasing With Insurance

Fuel & Go is a convenient way to get the vehicle you want already insured, maintenance & taxed, all in one easy package. Literally just Fuel and GO!

Our Fuel & Go package is a unique way you can bring together all aspects of leasing a car into one easy to manage payment. It covers the lease of the vehicle/s, road tax, maintenance and breakdown cover. On top of all this, Fuel & Go covers you for any shortfall in the event of a write-off, to give you peace of mind.

What Does Our Fuel & Go Complete Car Leasing Insurance Cover?

Leasing Options’ Fuel & Go Complete Car Leasing is an insured lease, making it one of the best and easiest ways to lease the car of your dreams along with everything else you will need to get up and running in one simple package.

Here’s everything you’ll be getting if you take out our Fuel & Go Complete Car Leasing package:

Complete Car Leasing, Insured For The Whole Family

Taking out Leasing Options’ Fuel & Go insured package extends cover to family members, giving you further peace of mind if they use the car. Make sure to let us know who will be driving the car during the leasing process and we will make sure everyone meets the driver criteria.

The Lease Of The Vehicle

When you take out the Fuel & Go cover when leasing through Leasing Options we take the hassle out of having to keep track of various moving parts and bring them all together under one easy and simple package, allowing you to focus on enjoying your brand new car.

To do this, simply pick the car you want, add Leasing Options’ Fuel & Go Complete Car insured lease package and from then all you need to worry about is one simple monthly payment.

Road Tax

Fuel & Go also removes the hassle of having to pay for your road tax separately, which is one of the more common costs that drivers forget about when thinking about their budget for a new car. With Fuel & Go we make sure to include road tax, and any other costs, so you only need to keep track of one payment, rather than trying to remember all the different cost implications when leasing a car.

Maintenance & Repairs

Car leasing including maintenance is all about giving you the enjoyment of driving a brand new car, and one of the main perks is avoiding the regular visits to the garage for MOTs and services, especially if you're on a tight budget.

Not only does choosing to lease a car with maintenance remove that stress, but with our Fuel & Go Complete Car Leasing cover, your insurance, all regular service checks are already included in your package, meaning when the time comes to take your brand new car in for a check-up, you don't need to worry about any unexpected costs.

Breakdown Cover

Leasing a car through Leasing Options is one of the best ways to prepare for unexpected breakdowns thanks to all our cars being brand new. However, in the unlikely scenario of a breakdown, you want to make sure you are covered, and with our Fuel & Go package, not only will you be covered, but you will be taken care of by the best in the business as the package includes breakdown cover from the AA.

Accident Management

In the unlikely event of an accident, our Fuel & Go Complete Car Leasing package will have you covered. A specialised team is on hand that will speed up every stage of looking after you, your car and getting you back on the road in no time. Plus, Fuel & Go also covers any shortfall in the event of your vehicle being deemed a total loss as a result of an accident.

Courtesy Car

If for whatever reason your car becomes unusable, our Fuel & Go cover should be provide you with a courtesy car for the first 48 hours. If the car is damaged in an accident, you should be provided with a courtesy car for the duration of the repair.