Our Total Care Leasing service is a simple and inclusive solution for your lease vehicle.

Many of our deals come with the additional benefits of Total Care Leasing which includes insurance, fixed monthly rentals, maintenance & breakdown, no financial gap or reduced downtime. £1000 damage waiver if you're worried about the condition charges at the end of this agreement we an give you peace of mind with them first £1000 covered

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Maintenance Guide

Key Benefits with Total Care

Guaranteed Maintenance & Breakdown – Including 48 hour relief vehicle if it is un-driveable & roadside.
Shortfall Protection - To bridge the gap in the finance in the event of a write off
Accident Management – Dedicated team, managing the accident claims process from start to finish
Own Damage Protection - Including accident, fire and theft. All repair costs covered by Total Care
We offer a complete package of services, you just need to add fuel
Glass Protection – Windscreen and body glass covered
MID updates – Motor Insurance Database updates
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