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Why Choose A Hybrid Car Lease?

Lower running costs

Cheaper fuel expenses

Drive advanced technology

Save money with tax incentives

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Benefits of Hybrid Car Leasing

Cheaper Running Costs

Hybrids use a mix of electric and petrol or diesel to power your journey. If you charge regularly and stay within the battery range, you'll need to spend less time topping up the fuel tank.

Friendlier To The Environment

As hybrid cars use some electric power during driving, emissions at the tailpipe are lower compared to conventional vehicles. If you use your car within the range each day, this lowers the emissions further or keeps your car emissions-free, helping the environment even more.

Grants & Tax Incentives With Zero Emissions

If you're considering switching to electric, the government have grants available to make the transition affordable. For example, the plug-in car grant gives you up to £1500 off your hybrid lease deal (depending on vehicle eligibility).

No Range Anxiety

As hybrids use both electric and fuel, you don't need to worry when the electricity runs out. When this happens, the car automatically switches to fuel until the next charge.

Comfortable Driving Experience

When your hybrid vehicle is in electric mode, the ride is quiet, smooth and comfortable. Modern cars also have a variety of infotainment and driver assist systems for a relaxing ride.

Choose From All Your Favourite Brands

We have a variety of hybrid cars deals from over 30 manufacturers, including Toyota, Cupra and Volvo - suitable for all budgets. So whether you're looking for a sleek saloon for motorway miles or a city run-around for shorter journeys, hybrid vehicles are a great business lease option.

Hybrid vs Plug-In Hybrid

When you select hybrid car leasing, there's one key choice you need to make, hybrid (HEV) or plug-in hybrid (PHEV), but what's the difference?

What is a Hybrid Car?

A hybrid car or HEV is powered by a combustion engine and electric motor. These two elements work together or independently, depending on the model. This car is also known as a self-charging or full hybrid, as you do not plug it in to charge the battery.

The power from the electric motor is typically used to enhance the performance of the car. It charges uses regenerative braking, and this feeds back to the batteries.

If a hybrid is travelling at slower speeds or very short distances of 1-2 miles, the car may solely switch to electric for a short time. However, the batteries in a self-charging hybrid are small, so there is no specified range.

What is a Plug-In Hybrid?

A plug-in hybrid car, or PHEV, is also a vehicle that runs on an electric motor and combustion engine. However, these models have the option of charging up the batteries via an external cable. This type of hybrid car offers a short range (average 35 miles). If you stay within this range and top up every day, you'll reduce visits to the fuel station.

To get the best fuel efficiency from a plug-in hybrid car, it needs to be charged daily. If a hybrid switches over to fuel often, it decreases fuel efficiency due to the extra weight of the batteries. Interested in going fully electric? View our latest electric lease deals.

Take Hybrid Working To The Next Level

Businesses can also benefit from the many advantages of hybrid leasing. There are several benefits to choosing a business lease over a personal lease:

Claim VAT Back

VAT registered companies can save money on business leases as there is an opportunity to claim 50% VAT back on monthly payments. In addition, if you opt for a maintenance agreement with your business lease, this is 100% VAT deductible.

Higher Mileage Allowance

Company cars are typically used for many journeys, and the miles can start to rack up. The annual mileage limit is higher with a business lease to avoid any excess mileage charges.

Tax Benefits

Hybrid business leases also enjoy a number of tax benefits, including:

Business Grants

Switching to an electric fleet of cars is a great way to save money on running costs and maintenance. Plus, save money on BiK rates. As a business, you can also utilise the Workplace Charging Scheme. This offers a voucher style grant for the purchase and installation of charge points at your place of work.

In addition, companies can get up to 40 sockets across all sites to improve access to electricity for employees and lease cars.

Reduced Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax

Benefit in Kind tax applies to all company car drivers. The rate is calculated on the emissions on the lease car. Hybrid cars emit fewer emissions at the tailpipe so drivers can take advantage of lower BiK rates.

Make Your Business Eco-Friendlier

Choosing a hybrid vehicle for your next business lease is a great way to save on running expenses and maintenance – all for an affordable monthly cost. There are numerous benefits, such as reducing your impact on the environment, tax savings and no depreciation to worry about. The choice of manufacturers also gives you stylish and professional vehicles suited to business needs.

Hybrid Leasing FAQs

Should I lease a hybrid car?
If you want a brand-new, eco-friendly vehicle that’s cheap to run, choose hybrid car leasing. Simply make the monthly payments until the lease is up, and then return the car to us.
What are the best hybrid cars to lease?
Some of our most popular hybrids include the Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Renegade and Volvo S90.
How much is it to lease a hybrid car?
You can lease a hybrid car for under £250 a month, but the average is around £350. Our deals are tailored to your budget, allowing you to decide how much you want to pay per month, after your initial rental.
What are the cheapest hybrid cars?
The cheapest hybrid cars are the smaller hatchbacks, including the Renualt Clio , Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz . These cars have low running costs and are cheap to maintain.
Does the UK government grant apply to leasing?
Yes, you can receive up to £1,500 off your hybrid lease deal with the UK government grant. We automatically take this off your agreement, if your vehicle qualifies. You can also get a grant of up to £500 for installing a charge point in your home. Business drivers also get tax relief, including reduced a BiK rate.

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