17 November 2023

Safety Takes the Driver's Seat

In a recent survey conducted by Leasing Options, it has been revealed that an overwhelming 72 per cent of individuals considering their next vehicle are placing safety features at the forefront of their decision-making process.

The study, which was completed ahead of Road Safety Week, was conducted to gain an understanding on what consumers are really looking for when buying their next car and revealed a growing trend among UK car buyers who prioritize safety on the road.

One standout feature drawing considerable attention is adaptive cruise control, with a significant portion of the surveyed participants expressing a keen interest in this advanced driving aid. Adaptive cruise control allows for a more relaxed driving experience by automatically adjusting the vehicle's speed to maintain a safe following distance from the car ahead. This feature not only enhances comfort during long journeys but is perceived as a crucial tool for accident prevention.

Mike Thompson, Chief Operating Officer at Leasing Options said: “Safety is obviously such an important aspect of motoring but we thought it was really interesting to see just how high it is on people’s agenda when looking for a new car.

“Almost half of the respondents stated that adaptive cruise control is the most important feature which is frequently considered as a great tool to avoid collisions.”

In addition to adaptive cruise control, respondents also highlighted a few other key safety features, including: Blind Spot Detection, Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning

Mike continued: “This surge in consumer demand for safety features and increased availability on many makes and models highlights a collective commitment to making roads safer for all.

“With technology evolving to prioritise driver safety, the automotive industry is responding to the call for innovation that protects lives on the road.”

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