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It really doesn't matter how large your fleet is - one vehicle or 100 vehicles - if you really want to minimise your costs, improve your control and achieve a well-managed and compliant operation, you will need to give careful consideration to your decisions.

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Green Fleet Journey to Zero

Electric Vehicles, Green Fleet and the Journey to Net Zero

The expectations at a legal, commercial and environmentally responsible attitude level are written. Fleet Operators must now shape their responses around a new set of realities:

  • New pure diesel and petrol vehicles will no longer be available from 2030. The timeline applies to both cars and commercial vehicles. (Hybrids exempt until 2035).
  • At a local level, public authorities are challenged on air quality targets resulting in a growing number of Clean Air, Low Emission and Ultra Low Emission Zones accompanied by non-compliance charges.
  • Investor Stakeholders and Customers alike are now demanding a carbon reduction response, one that is backed up by hard data not just rhetoric.
  • The operational challenges and infrastructural realities are crystallising beyond just electric vehicle range concerns and into charging opportunity anxieties, Driver expectation and engagement issues and operational home vs depot charge considerations.
  • Vehicle choice in key sectors (especially commercial vehicles) remains limited.
  • BEV/PHEV Asset acquisition costs remain high compared to conventional fossil fuel alternatives.

Ultimately, the health and environmental benefits of cleaner air and lower emissions are clear. The journey to Net Zero and the solutions may however seem less so and, on the face of it, overwhelming. The good news is that there are solutions. Manufacturers are delivering an increasing number of alternative fuel, full Electric and Hybrid Electric vehicle options. Grant incentives, tax benefits and indirect cost savings can render the challenges perhaps less daunting than they might first appear. Our Consultants are well placed to guide you through the alternatives and provide you with the necessary insight, technical detail and cost justifications to shape your responses.