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It really doesn't matter how large your fleet is - one vehicle or 100 vehicles - if you really want to minimise your costs, improve your control and achieve a well-managed and compliant operation, you will need to give careful consideration to your decisions.

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Commercial Vehicle Supply

Light Commercial Vehicle Supply - An Integrated Solution

If your fleet is partly or wholly populated by Light Commercial Vehicles, you can rest assured that our funded supply solution will cover all your sourcing requirements, including credit line management, bespoke manufacturer discount terms, vehicle supply, vehicle conversion, livery and Chapter 8 requirements, after-market accessories, maintenance inclusivity (optional) and on-line fleet reporting.

Our Consultants will work closely with you to establish your operating and payload requirements assessed against all UK available manufacturer options up to 3500 GVM (4250 GVM on BEV solutions). Qualifying your requirements allows us to determine your most appropriate solutions by brand, technical specification and pricing outcomes.

We can coordinate an integrated solution with your tracking supplier. We can further profile your vehicle use and likely attritional wear and tear characteristics, to shape the type of lease or purchase funding solutions proposed, so helping to reduce de-hire liabilities and unanticipated costs.

Increasing EV Fleet transition pressures are bearing down on commercial vehicle operators. As we journey toward 2030 and the abolition of Petrol/ Diesel fuel alternatives, early timeline planning will help meet future obligations. Our Consultants will assist you with insight and guidance as you prepare your response, helping to manage Driver and stakeholder expectations, shaping any required process changes and respond to the obvious home, depot and opportunity charging challenges.