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The 500L is Fiat’s attempt at injecting a little style and character into the compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) market and it would certainly stand out parked between the equivalent Ford or Vauxhall.


Based on the Fiat Punto, the 500L is aimed at customers who find the idea of a 500 appealing, but need more space. Combining style with practicality was obviously an aim for the 500L’s designers and they’ve done a good job of giving buyers a decent chunk of both.


‘Squircles’ (Fiat speak for rounded squares) feature predominantly throughout the interior and there’s a large panel of body coloured plastic on the passenger side of the dashboard that’s a clear nod to the original Fiat 500.


The 500L range comprises two core models – Urban and Cross – and a couple of ‘120th Anniversary’ models. All come with a height and reach-adjustable steering wheel, as well as a height-adjustable driver’s seat, which means most people should be able to get comfortable behind the wheel with ease. The 500L’s raised ride height also gives you a better view of the road ahead than you get in the standard Fiat 500.


Just the one engine is available across the 500L range – a 1.4-litre petrol engine that offers reasonable performance and economy.


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Fiat 500L Review

The 500L is Fiat’s bold answer to customer demands for a grown up alternative to the small but so successful, 500. A five-seater compact MPV that doesn’t feel like one, taking care of people and baggage-carrying chores with a practical dash of Italian flair. And, perhaps best of all, allowing for individual personalisation through an option list clever and extensive enough to set new benchmarks for the class.

Fiat always felt that this should be merely the starting rung on an ownership ladder designed to be fine for families as well as fashion-conscious urbanistas. A ladder encompassing seven seats and SUVs as well as the model we’re going to look at here, the spacious 500L. The signs are good. This model claims to be the most space-efficient design in the compact MPV segment, bespokable with the widest and cleverest range of unique accessories. A compact people carrier, in other words, that you can be passionately practical about. In a Fiat designed to bring a welcome dash of fashion to family motoring.

Potential 500L owners will come to this Fiat knowing it to be a more grown-up car than its citycar stablemate. They’ll know that it won’t be quite the same to drive. Little of the responsive, terrier-like handling that marks out a standard little 500 has made it here. Having said that, by the more modest dynamic standards of the small people carrying sector, this Italian entry is an enjoyable enough thing to punt around and what it lacks in agility, it makes up for with more mature virtues.

The ride’s a lot better for a start, still on the firm side for an MPV but smooth enough through city potholes. It’s quieter too. And this car’s much easier to see out of thanks to the higher seating position, the much greater glass area and something that you’ll really appreciate at junctions, a clever A-pillar/front quarterlight design offering the same kind of curved windscreen look that characterised this car’s spiritual predecessor, the Multipla model of the 1950s. It all adds to an urban confidence encouraged by the light lock-to-lock steering. A car you might enjoy on the school run.

If not quite so much pushing on beyond the city limits. Here, you might wish that the steering offered you a little more feedback. This is one of the more dynamically able five-seat mini-MPVs on the market, with well controlled bodyroll and a range of willing, torquey engines. Well, most of them are willing and torquey anyway.

You tend to approach this 500L expecting it to be a pumped-up version of the 500 citycar – which of course it isn’t. To make this model as big as it needed to be - fully 60cm longer and 18cm taller than an ordinary 500, so in Fiat terms, longer than a Punto supermini and as wide as a Bravo family hatch – Andreas Wuppinger’s styling team had to use a Punto floorplan as the basis for something quite different. Then give the end result a recognisable ‘500’-style twist, hence the familiar wide-eyed front end.

The wraparound windscreen is designed to give almost 360-degree vision. Instead of the usual two front A-pillars, here we have four, giving a wrap-around effect that not only looks good but also improves front visibility and crash protection.

This improved model has been lightly re-styled and now features LED daytime running lights. Plus the revised front bumper and a chromed-studded three-dimensional lower grille mesh now give the car a more elegant look.

Inside, the instrument binnacle you view through the re-styled steering wheel has been re-designed too. As before, this is one of the most practical models in the compact MPV class. Three adults can comfortably sit on the back seat, plus standard models have a 455-litre boot. There's also a 'Wagon' variant with a third seating row if you need it.

This Fiat 500L is refreshingly different indeed. It’s certainly different from the 500 citycar we all know – but then of course, to suit the intended family role, it had to be. Not everyone will like the styling approach necessary to achieve this but it’s surely one that sets it apart from rivals. A unique look, just as every 500 should have.

Fun, cheeky and cool, this Fiat claims to suit the sort of people looking for a car to be an extension of their personality, a car that reflects their passion for life. I’m not sure if any compact people carrier can really do all that but of all those available, there’s little doubt that this 500L is the one that gets closest to hitting the mark. To being a sensible family car you can really feel good about.

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