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Following a tried and tested formula the BMW M5 continues to feature hi-tech electronics together with supercar performance, making it one of the best large luxury saloons to lease on a personal plan today.

Presenting outstanding performance and handling but with the same practicality of the standard model, the BMW M5 has always been a popular and successful choice. A complete drivers car, the sleek yet subtle styling, luxurious use of favoured materials and phenomenal handling and acceleration all complete the mass appeal of the M5.

From the first inception of this iconic model back in 1985, the BMW M5 created and still defines the image of the sports saloon, continuing today in revolutionising the class, presenting the average driver with accessible supercar responsiveness, performance and handling within a vehicle that equally acts as a superb, spacious family car.

Offering a substantial 552bhp from the twin-turbo V8, the BMW M5 takes on Mercedes' E63 AMG, providing a comfortable and relaxed presence as a fantastic cruiser, whether on winding country roads or stretches of motorway.

Available now on a car lease or contract hire deal to suit your family and personal requirements, discover more on how you can secure your BMW M5 with the team at Leasing Options.

BMW M5 SALOON M5 4dr DCT Personal Lease Deal



M5 4dr DCT

BMW M5 SALOON M5 4dr DCT [Competition Pack] Personal Lease Deal



M5 4dr DCT [Competition Pack]

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