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Following a tried and tested formula, the BMW M5 continues to feature hi-tech electronics together with supercar performance, making it one of the best large luxury saloons available. Presenting outstanding performance and handling but with the same practicality of the standard model, the BMW M5 leasing has always been a popular choice.

From the first inception of this iconic model back in 1985, the BMW M5 created and still defines the image of the sports saloon, continuing today in revolutionising the class. A complete drivers car, the sleek yet subtle styling, luxurious use of favoured materials and phenomenal handling and acceleration all complete the mass appeal of the M5. Contact our friendly team of experts now to discuss our latest BMW M5 lease deals.

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BMW M5 Review

BMW’s M5 is the yardstick against which all serious performance saloons are judged, a car that gets turbo power for the first time, courtesy of a 552bhp 4.4-litre V8 that’s 10% more powerful yet 30% more efficient than its predecessor. A trick diff gets the power on tarmac and the M division has even developed diesel power and all-wheel drive for those who want it. Munich, it seems, has thought of almost everything.

This time round, the much more sophisticated 7-speed M DCT dual clutch system can operate either as an auto or, if you flick the gearstick or better still brush the wheel-mounted gearshift paddles, a sequential manual. Within each mode, you’ll find three settings, alterable via the rocker switch, to alter the speed of the gearshift. Get it working to your liking and the shifts are racecar-quick and delivered with Schumacher-style aural fireworks.

Simple enough so far? Arranged in horseshoe formation around the gearshifter are the controls that’ll enable you to set your M5 up to your own personal preferences, just as a race driver would set up his racecar. Through these, you can adjust the steering weight, suspension stiffness and throttle response through three different settings. Further factor in the three modes provided by the DSC stability control (‘On’, ‘Sport’ or ‘Off’) and you have a mind-boggling 243 possible different combinations.

Which is why, to make it all so much more straightforward, BMW has helpfully provided shortcut ‘M1’ and ‘M2’ buttons on the steering wheel, holding each button down, just as you would save a radio station on a stereo, enables you to quickly record your two most commonly used settings. ‘M1’ is flat out and ballistic for when my favourite stretch of backroad opens up and I want everything ‘Sport Plussed’ to the max. ‘M2’ meanwhile, is selected on the traffic-clogged drive home when I want to forget that I’ve got myself a road-legal DTM racecar and pretend I’m in a leather-lined 7 Series limo instead.

M5s have always been good at dialling down the aesthetic excess to create a potent, yet low key appearance that’ll let you get away with using more of that performance more of the time. This one is no different, understated to a tee, this F10 generation car appears to have cut out the take-aways and hit the gym a bit harder, with a far more lithe profile and sleeker detailing. Being longer, wider yet lower will do that for you. Couple that with some more overt M styling touches and you're left with a more confident design that shares only 20% of its parts with a regular 5 Series. At the front, the broad black grille slats and the trio of air intakes that cool the big V8 combine with the LED light rings and bi-xenon main beams to afford some serious rear view mirror presence.

The wheel arches are gently teased over 19-inch wheels as standard or there's the option of 20-inch alloys. Through them, you glimpse the six-piston fixed callipers of the high performance braking system. The lowered suspension means the car's stance is spot on, the wheel arches properly stuffed and with the perfect amount of ramp angle in the body to give the car a tense, poised appearance. The rear view contains a four-pipe exhaust pack, divided either side of the diffuser, whilst a small flap on the rear edge of the boot lid provides additional downforce at speed.

Inside, as usual with BMW cockpits, the driving position is dominated by a central 10.2-inch colour screen that marshals the functions looked after by an iDrive system these days much simpler and more intuitive to use. Before you even get to the myriad of functionality that is iDrive, there are no fewer than 58 buttons to get to grips with. But then the controls of any sophisticated race-bred performance car are likely to feel daunting at first glance. And race-bred the M5 most certainly feels, from its M Sport seating to its aluminium trim, from its red-needled white-lit M circular instrument dials to its grippy three-spoke M leather steering wheel.

As ever, this remains a practical supercar, you can easily sit one six-footer behind another, with head and elbow room to spare. And your passengers’ belongings can be equally comfortably ensconced in a spacious 520-litre boot. A space that’s further extendable if you tick the box for the optional split-folding rear seats.

A quarter of a century of normally aspirated engineering excellence for BMW’s M division came to an end with the launch of this car. And a new turbocharged era began, a time in which the market’s defining super saloon has become faster, yet more frugally efficient as it re-invented itself for the modern era.

Everything that was wrong with its much admired predecessor – the thirst, the awkward gearbox, the choppy day-to-day personality – has been corrected in this car with a clinical ruthlessness that may leave some a little detached from this car’s fire-breathing personality. For many more though, this BMW continues to define its market, in fifth generation form more than ever able to be all things to almost all people, luxury limo one minute, circuit star the next. It is, more than ever before, everything an M5 should be.

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