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Porsche Taycan Car Lease

Porsche Taycan

Discover Porsche's first electric car, the Taycan. Available in three trim levels, the 4S, Turbo and Turbo S, this luxury vehicle can reach up to 750hp and a 0-62 time of 2.8 seconds. It’s a true four-door sports car. Drive it yourself with our Porsche Taycan lease deals available now.

With two electric motors (one on each axle) and a 95kW battery in the middle under the floor, this 2.4-tonne car has the lowest centre of gravity of any Porsche. With a range between 260 and 280 miles depending on model, it’s the perfect choice for daily driving.

If you’re deciding on which trim, the 4S Taycan has the same layout as the Turbo and Turbo S, but with a slightly lower capacity battery at 79kW and 435hp, giving the 4S a range of around 240 miles. Charging time is significantly reduced as the Taycan can charge at an incredible 270kWh.

All models have five selectable driving modes for you to choose from. With the Sport Plus mode selected, the launch control mode is engaged, switching to a slightly rear bias four-wheel drive set up and stiffening the suspension, plus the steering weight is increased. 

The ride is comfortable around town with the three-chamber air spring set up. Similar to the Panamera, this car is able to ride bumps at lower speeds, but keep the body flat at high speeds in corners, giving an enjoyable driving experience. The air suspension can also raise and lower the body for increased ground clearance or greater stability at speed.

Inside, the Taycan has seating for four adults, plus a small boot in the front and a much larger one in the rear with a 366-litre boot capacity.

Find your perfect Porsche Taycan lease deal today from Leasing Options. You won’t find a better price anywhere else.

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