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7 Vehicles with the Best Car Tech

When you are choosing a new car, there is a lot more than looks and style to take into consideration. In-car tech is becoming increasingly important for improving the driver experience.

But with so many different vehicles, gadgets and equipment available, where do you start? Read on to find our top seven vehicles with the best in-car tech.

1. Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

The CLA Class is aimed towards a younger audience, and with all its available equipment, it is easy to see why. Many consider it to be the most technologically advanced car in its class, which is one of the main reasons why it is such a popular choice.

The interior digital display is a real standout of this Mercedes-Benz. It comes with a dual screen, so the information is easy to digest and use as needed. The MBUX infotainment system can be customised to match your preferences, with voice control activation to make it feel really special. The voice control can even answer your questions, change the radio station, activate ambient lighting and assist with sat-nav control. If tech is your thing, the CLA-Class is hard to beat.

Mercedes CLA Class

2. Volkswagen Touareg

There is a premium feel to the interior of the Touareg, which comes with a fully digitised Innovision Cockpit that sits on top of the dashboard. It might look intimidating, but the integrated controls are easy to understand. The Innovision Cockpit is compatible with Apply CarPlay and Android Auto, plus it comes with an in-built WiFi hotspot that allows you to connect as many as eight devices in one go.

This Volkswagen also offers Night Vision assist tech that helps you to avoid anyone or thing while driving in darkness. You can also find a range of other handy equipment, including Traffic Jam Assist, LED matric headlights, trailer assist and 360 cameras.

VW Touareg Dash

3. BMW 3 Series

If modern style is what you are after, then the 3 Series should be close to the top of your list. It has a sleek, stylish and highly impressive interior that will not fail to impress. There is no shortage of high-definition screens, although the iDrive rotary controller is more of a traditional touch.

This BMW has a head-up-style display that means you never have to look down and away from the road. The touchscreen is fantastic too, coming with a virtual personal assistant to help you out when needed. Opting for the upper-spec version will let you enjoy a Virtual Cockpit along with a 10.25-inch display. There are not many cars that can compete with this sort of set up.

BMW 3 Series

4. Tesla S

To take a real step into the future, get behind the wheel of a Tesla S. While these cars do sit at the upper end of the affordability scale, any tech lover will know that a Tesla is well-worth investigating.

The 17-inch touchscreen sits front and centre on the dash as it plays a pivotal role in controlling the car’s various features. Of course, the most exciting thing about the Tesla S is its ability to drive autonomously. You can let the car do the driving for you. Tesla cars are a major leap forward for in-car tech and have set the trend for others to follow in the coming years.

Tesla S

5. Audi A1

The Audi A1 may be smaller and compact, but it more than makes up for it once you get inside. The infotainment centre has now been upgraded to a touchscreen, removing the need for any separate controller. And once you opt for the flashy Virtual Cockpit, the A1 is a standout car which other vehicles in its class struggle to compare to.

If you want to get a higher-spec dash and a larger main-screen, you can upgrade to the Technology Pack. Or you could opt for the Comfort and Sound package that throws in an 11-speaker Bang & Olufsen stereo to boot. This Audi is a car that offers real value for money in every way possible, but it is the in-car tech which really enhances the driver experience.

Audi A1

6. Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Once you step inside the Velar, it’s hard not to notice the exciting Touch Pro Duo screen. The display and control system is divided into two tilt-adjustable parts, making it much easier to manage when driving. You can also interact with multiple features at once for extra efficiency.

The upper screen contains most of the features you would need on a day-to-day basis, such as navigation, media and system settings. They are fully customisable too, so you are totally in charge of finding what you want, when you need it. The lower screen consists of rotaries, a main feature area and climate control, plus lots more.

Do not forget this Land Rover’s steering wheel either. With its original, hidden-until-lit switches, you can control more media and your phone with the flick of a switch, meaning you spend less time distracted on the roads.


7. Ford Focus

The new Ford Focus has been brought back to the future with its new model, removing most of the dials and getting up-to-date with touchscreens and menu interfaces. It now comes with a head-up display and lane assist that will do the work for you, along with an adaptive cruise control that will not only follow the car ahead, but also match its speed.

You will also find Ford’s SYNC operating system on the main screen (which can be upgraded to as much as eight inches). Apart the from the entry trim, it also has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The Focus has also been a hugely popular car since being introduced in the late nineties, and this latest car tech upgrade will go a long way to ensuring it remains that way.

Ford Focus

Why is in-car tech important?

As technology has improved over the past few decades, car equipment has also dramatically increased at the same pace. From interactive displays to autonomous driving, it is changing the way drivers navigate the roads and interact with each other.

Most importantly of all, in-car tech is improving safety levels for everyone behind the wheel as it becomes easier to manage and control the vehicle. Many cars also feature sensors and other equipment to make you aware of any danger and even prevent it from taking place.

Not only that, but car tech is also playing a big role in reducing the amount of harmful carbon emissions produced by diesel and petrol-powered cars. Whether fully electric or hybrid, these vehicles have dramatically influenced the way every carmaker designs and manufactures their vehicles.

If you liked finding out about the best car tech, why not discover when we will drive an AI car? Or if you cannot wait until the future, check out our huge choice of lease deals and explore all kinds of equipment and tech available now.

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