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Tesla Model 3 Car Lease


The Tesla Model 3 is the first affordable, mass-produced model in the American manufacturer's all-electric range, offering customers something very different from conventional rivals such as the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and the Jaguar XE.

Tesla has made bold claims about the Model 3’s interior space, which is boosted by the electric powertrain effectively sitting underneath the car's floor. That frees up more room for passengers and luggage.

There's plenty of passenger space, with ample head room and decent knee room for back-seat passengers – although space for feet is a little tight. Despite being the smallest Tesla, and quite a bit shorter than the Model S, it doesn't feel that much smaller inside.

The boot itself is quite large, though, with a deep floor and another compartment underneath it. The rear seats also split and fold if you need to carry larger objects. There is extra space under the Model 3’s bonnet to provide a handy second luggage space, with 542 litres of space when both are totted up.

Thanks to their instant torque and a single forward gear, every Tesla Model 3 is fast off the mark and offers seamless acceleration. The range-entry ‘Standard Range Plus’ model (as offered) with rear-wheel drive can get from 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds, making it slightly quicker than a petrol-powered BMW 330i.

The ‘Standard Range Plus’ version offers a WLTP range of 258 miles, which will still be sufficient for some customers. It is almost 100 miles more than a standard Nissan Leaf, which was Europe's best-selling EV in 2018.

The Model 3 supports fast charging, which replenishes the battery pack to around 80% in as little as 30 minutes using the latest Supercharger. Of course, many owners will carry out the majority of charging at home, where a 7kW wall box will charge the car to 100 per cent in around 12 hours (or overnight).

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