13 November 2023

Transforming Your Business Fleet

As environmental concerns and economic factors continue to shape industries, making the switch from traditional petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles (EVs) has become a game-changer.

There are a number of benefits on changing your business fleet to electric, and our team of ‘electric vehicle experts’ at Leasing Options can help you navigate the process.

Benefits of Changing to Electric Vehicles

  • Environmental Responsibility

The most obvious benefit is the substantial reduction in carbon emissions. As the UK continues its commitment to tackle climate change, aligning your business with sustainable practices can enhance your corporate image and meet the government requirements. With EVs, you can contribute to cleaner air and reduced noise pollution, making your business eco-friendly

  • Financial Advantages

Electric vehicles offer significant cost savings over their petrol or diesel counterparts. With lower fuel and maintenance costs, you can significantly reduce your operating expenses. Additionally, there are various tax incentives and rebates available, such as the Plug-In Car Grant and tax benefits, which can help you maximize your savings

  • Competitive Edge

Customers are increasingly making decisions based on a company's commitment to environmental sustainability. By transitioning to EVs, you can attract eco-conscious clients and stay ahead of the competition.

Leasing Options is a Manchester-based leasing company that has a specialist division for electric and hybrid vehicles and can offer expert advice to businesses looking to transition its fleets to electric vehicles.

The team at Leasing Options can offer advice on the following:

  • Vehicle Selection

Leasing Options will work closely with you to understand your fleet's needs. They'll help you select electric vehicles that match your requirements, ensuring your drivers have the necessary range, space and comfort

  • Charging Infrastructure

Leasing Options will guide you through the process of identifying your essential charging infrastructure requirements and it also works with a number of partners that delivers this service

  • Maintenance and Servicing

Electric vehicles have lower maintenance costs, but it's essential to keep on top of any maintenance/service requirements. Leasing Options offers an all-inclusive package – Fuel&Go. Please speak to one of the advisors for further details

If you are interested in transitioning your business fleet to electric vehicles, please contact Leasing Options today to find out how we can help.

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