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Volkswagen Golf SV Lease

The SV bring a heap of practicality to the Golf, as an MPV that is spacious and easily accessible. Motorists will certainly find Volkswagen Golf SV leasing will provide a vehicle that's fun and easy to drive with good quality materials surrounding them in the interior. The dimensions of the new SV are larger than the traditional hatchback without looking out of place or awkward.

Engine wise, because the SV shares the same platform as the standard Golf, all the different petrol and diesel variants are brought over to the Sportsvan, offering a great choice. Styling is heavily influenced by the standard Golf and as a result, the SV is a pretty vehicle, with proven design, comfort and reliability helping to make this model so popular.

There is a terrific amount of standard equipment, such as Bluetooth, DAB radio and Air Con as well as responsive, handling and economical engines. Discover our latest Volkswagen Golf SV below.

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