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If you're in the market for a compact SUV crossover you're in the right place. The Vitara is offers a responsive drive, low running costs and a spacious cabin to boot. With all those boxes ticked it's easy to see why Suzuki Vitara leasing makes sense for a lot of families.

There are no cut corners on the interior either with loads of kit coming as standard. Does that sound ideal? Take a look at our great Suzuki Vitara lease deals below.

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Suzuki Vitara Review

This Vitara is Suzuki’s idea of what a small Crossover should be, fashionable but not entirely fashion-led. In other words, there’s a bit of substance mixed in with the style and this model’s all the better for it. With a choice of petrol or diesel, front or four-wheel drive and styling that's more assured than anything Suzuki has brought us before, it looks to be a strong contender.

Suzuki offers two engines in the Vitara, a petrol and a diesel, both 1.6-litre 120PS units capable of 62mph from rest in 11.5s en route to 112mph. The petrol’s fun, revvy and comes with a slightly stiffer suspension set-up. The diesel though, has much more pulling power and overtaking potential. Either way, this is one of the best-handling small Crossover models in the class, with a great ride and handling balance that could be further perfected by slightly more feelsome steering at speed. With the ALLGRIP 4WD variants, you get a ‘Drive Mode Select’ system that allows you to choose ‘Auto’ and ‘Sport’ settings for tarmac use and ‘Snow’ and ‘Lock’ options to help you through poor conditions.

This is a Vitara for a different age – but it’s still very much a Vitara, even if it does only come with five doors these days. Visual ties with the 1988 original are maintained by the traditional clamshell bonnet, the front wing vents, the rising feature lines of the flanks and the shape of the headlights. As you would expect though, this is a more modern interpretation of what a car of this kind should be.

Lift the rear hatch and there’s 375-litres of space on offer, a figure that gets within 55-litres of the capacity you’d get in an SX4 S-Cross, which isn’t bad when you consider that that car is 125mm longer. More importantly, we’re talking of a capacity that marginally betters what’s on offer from most other small Crossovers in this sector.

Time to take a seat up-front. You view a clear set of instruments through a three-spoke leather-stitched multi-function steering wheel that’s easy to adjust with the seat in creation of the kind of high-ish commanding position that Crossover drivers seem to want. That central infotainment touchscreen works quite well too, offered as standard providing you avoid entry-level trim and designed for easy use even if you’re wearing gloves.

Let’s take a seat in the back, an area that can be flooded with light on the top variant thanks to the fitment of one of the largest panoramic glass roofs you can possibly have on a car of this size.

True, it’s disappointing that Vitara passengers don’t get the sliding rear bench that Suzuki provides in its equivalent SX4 S-Cross model, but even without this, space for legs, elbows and shoulders is all better than the segment norm.

The idea of a small Crossover Juke-genre model is to provide ‘lifestyle SUV-ness’ with near-supermini-style running costs. That’s a target the Vitara gets pretty close to, mainly because it’s so much lighter than most of its rivals.

Time to get specific on this car’s facts and figures. A base 1.6-litre petrol Vitara manages 53.3mpg on the combined cycle and 123g/km of CO2. With the DDiS diesel variant those figures improve to 70.6mpg on the combined cycle and 106g/km of CO2.

Drivers wanting a small Crossover of this kind now have so much choice that for many of them, it must be difficult to know where to start. If that’s the case for you, then beginning your search by looking at a great all-rounder in this segment seems to make a lot of sense. And the Vitara is certainly that.

We’ve looked at some of the reasons why. The way the affordably-priced base petrol version is so much more efficient than many cheap petrol-powered rivals. The extra space you get inside compared to key competitors and the high standards of specification that’ll sugar the proposition. Plus for what it’s worth, the Vitara is also a bit more capable in poor conditions than most of the alternative choices you could make, provided you can stretch up to one of the ALLGRIP 4x4 models.

This is, in other words, in every sense, a Vitara for the modern world. A car that’s a little more than just a fashion statement.

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