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The Octavia is one of Skoda’s flagship models, and undoubtedly one of its most popular too. Its recent facelift means it’s now slightly bigger and has vast amounts of space – more than pretty much any other car in its class. Standard features include a multi-function display, MP3 connectivity, electrically heated and operated door mirrors, and body-coloured bumpers. For yours, call us today and we’ll discuss our Skoda Octavia contract hire options with you.

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Skoda Octavia Review

A Skoda Octavia was once one of the least sophisticated Volkswagen Group family hatchback products. Not any more. Almost nothing has been held back for the improved third generation version. It’s still bigger and better value than most of its rivals, a Mondeo-sized medium range hatch for the price of a Focus-sized one. The difference now though, is that it’s clever enough to change the way you think about Skoda.

This Skoda has always been the choice of the pragmatic family motorist, someone who values comfort, reassuring handling and refinement and would be mildly surprised by the notion that a car of this kind should offer anything more. It’s not then, perhaps very surprising that the Octavia isn’t the most dynamic car to drive in its segment, though it can be pushed along surprisingly rapidly should the need arise to do so. Helping here are a number of factors, relatively light weight, precise steering, the stiffness of the sophisticated Golf-derived MQB chassis and a standard XDS electronic differential lock system that helps you get the power down through the bends.

Typical drivers though, will be more interested in attributes like ride quality. That’s not bad at all over normal surfaces, but it could be better on bumpy urban tarmac. For this, blame Skoda’s decision to limit use of sophisticated multi-link rear suspension to top vRS models. Lesser variants must have a lesser torsion beam set-up.

Engine wise, there are really three levels in the range. Budget drivers get 115PS, either with a 1.0-litre three cylinder TSI petrol unit or a 1.6-litre TDI diesel. In the mid-range, drivers are offered 150PS, either with 1.4 TSI petrol power or the 2.0 TDI diesel, a unit capable of 65.7mpg on the combined cycle and 113g/km of CO2. Top vRS performance variants feature a potent 2.0 TSI petrol unit that offers either 230 or 245PS. Alternatively, the 2.0 TDI diesel unit is available in a pokier 184PS state of tune and can be ordered with the option of 4WD. The same 4x4 system also features on the SUV-style ‘Scout’ estate models. Across the range on most Octavia variants, the Volkswagen Group’s latest 7-speed DSG auto gearbox features as an option if you want it.

Ultimately, this is one of those instances where much has changed, but much also will remain the same. After all, many will continue to choose an Octavia for exactly the same reasons that people have always bought into this model line, solid build, sensible pricing and, most significant of all, more interior space than any other Focus or Golf-segment rival can offer. To that practical perspective, this improved generation design adds a welcome bit of polish. It’s no longer the cheapest choice you can make in this class but arguably, it remains one of the very cleverest.

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