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The iconic breed, famous for presenting the motoring community with past supercars and prestige sportscars such as the 911 Turbo, Carrera GT and the awesome 200mph 959, branched out a few years ago as customers began to look towards SUVs. Browse our latest Porsche Macan lease deals to find out more.

Providing impressive acceleration together with great handling and plush, luxurious interiors, the Macan range is a must see for those looking for a distinguishable and hugely rewarding motoring experience.

Attention to detail and special interior touches such as the chrome trimmed switches, driver focused cockpit and the use of the highest quality materials ensures a environment that reflects Porsche's leading image. Speak to one of our account managers today to see if Porsche Macan leasing could be for you.

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Porsche Macan Review

Porsche’s Macan is an SUV with the soul – and the engineering – or a sportscar. You might expect it to be fast and family-friendly. More of a surprise is that it’s rewarding and, with the right spec, very nearly race-ready in its responses. Yet it’ll comfortably take you off road, deal with the school run and cruise down to Chamonix. It’s very special.

So, what might the self-proclaimed ‘sportscar of SUVs’ be like to drive? In answer, I’d say that Porsche are certainly right about one thing: the Macan is certainly very different from any other model of this kind we’ve seen to date. Don’t think Range Rover Evoque, Audi Q5 or even BMW X4. Think instead of a premium, powerful all-wheel drive uber-hot hatch like a Volkswagen Golf R or a Mercedes A45 AMG. The change is that significant.

Or at least it is in the potent Turbo model, powered as it is by the bigger of the two V6 bi-turbo petrol engines offered to Macan drivers, a 3.6-litre unit putting out plenty, with 400 braked horses straining at the leash to power you from rest to 62mph in just 4.8s on the way to 165mph flat out. Even more devastating is the 30-70mph overtaking increment, which takes just 4.3s. In other words, it’s as quick as Porsche’s circuit-focused Cayman sportscar and what’s more surprising is that the parity also extends to the turns. Independent track tests have seen the car record laptimes only a fraction slower than its Cayman stablemate. Try doing that in any other SUV.

So what exactly should a practical but potent family sportscar really look like? It’s difficult to think of any brand better qualified to build such a thing than Porsche, though the car’s larger Cayenne SUV stablemate has rather struggled with the concept. The Macan though, delivers on it far more successfully. Familiar brand styling cues are plentiful but they seem far less contrived in this case, with references not only to the Cayenne and the 911 but also to the Stuttgart maker’s supercars, past and present.

It’s certainly different at the wheel, less like any kind of sporting SUV and more like a thoroughbred sports estate – maybe something like a Jaguar XFR Sportbrake or a Mercedes-AMG C63.

Cocooning you 911-style into your brilliantly supportive multi-adjustable leather or alcantara-trimmed sports seat is the button-heavy lower console section with its bank of chrome-trimmed switches running down the transmission tunnel and creating a wrap-around cockpit-like feel.

This is, in summary, the car all its rivals would like to be. The car most drivers in this segment would like to have. There are, it’s true, more efficient or more spacious choices in this sector. Some premium compact SUVs are better equipped or will take you further off road. And almost all will cost slightly less.

For all that though, this is an addictive package, a segment-defining car and a very desirable thing indeed.

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