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Three words define the Peugeot 108 leasing...stylish, comfortable and refined. For a city car these are very important factors to consider, especially amongst growing competition from major manufacturers.

The city car class is quickly becoming more popular in the UK, as more drivers turn towards cheaper more economical modes of transport. The Peugeot 108 presents itself wonderfully, equal in most parts to two other best sellers on the roads, the Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo, of which all three share the same chassis and parts.

Offering plenty of big car features, such as air conditioning, reversing camera and a large touchscreen console, the 108 presents itself as an affordable choice. Take a look at our latest Peugeot 108 lease deals to find out more.

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Peugeot 108 Review

Peugeot’s 108 demonstrates just how far citycars have come in recent years. In fact, this one’s more sophisticated and efficient than you might ever have expected a model of this kind could be. This time round, Peugeot is offering a choice of efficient petrol engines in this segment – and the option of a TOP! variant featuring a neat retractable fabric roof. Plus you can now personalise your car far more precisely to your preference.

Creating a citycar is hard enough. Trying to differentiate a design shared with other brands must be even more difficult. Such was Peugeot’s job with this car, the 108.

In all these areas, this model improves upon the standard set by its 107 predecessor – as of course do its very similar Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo design stablemates. Of the trio, this Peugeot has gone for a classier, more mature look than the C1 and comes with a 1.2-litre engine option you can’t get in the Aygo. And all three cars are more efficient and personalisable than even the finest city runabouts from other brands.

The latest citycars on the market seem to recognise that they won’t always be used in the city. So refinement’s been improved and pokier engine options added.

The Toyota-engineered 998cc unit has been improved, the specific changes including a higher, compression ratio, an improved combustion chamber design and use of a low-friction timing chain, all these things combining not only to improve efficiency but also to boost power slightly over the previous 107 model, which only came with the earlier version of this engine.

On the positive side, cargo room has usefully risen from the feeble 139-litre space you used to get in a 107 to a much more acceptable 196-litre capacity, easily enough for a couple of small suitcases or a set of golf clubs. Curiously, that’s nearly 30-litres more than a supposedly identical Toyota Aygo.

If you are using the back seat, two adults could manage without too much grousing on short to medium-length trips, even if they were six-footers. Though rather annoyingly, there are still only two belts provided. Unfortunately, you can’t get a third belt as an option.

Up front, it’s reasonably easy to get comfortable something that’s important to have because the steering wheel adjusts only up and down, not in and out. Settle in, then start to look around and you’ll find the design is more interesting and you can make it more interesting still, for the instrument panel, the centre console, the air vents, the gearshift knob and the gear lever surround can all easily be changed to a colour of your choosing, even after years of ownership.

The wide dashboard’s nice, trimmed in a cool matt finish and framed by refreshingly slim A-pillars that aid visibility. Fortunately, the inside of a 108 is quite a pleasurable place to be, and quite practical too. There are two cupholders, a good-sized glovebox that incorporates a bottle-holder, practical storage options for your mobile ‘phone and loose change and doorbins big enough to hold a 500ml bottle of water.

Ahead of you at the wheel lie a mass of different-shaped elements of trim. The round speedometer pod with its LCD central display is flanked by an optional vertically-stacked rev counter that as you accelerate, lights up like an Eighties Atari video game. Even more curiously styled is the trapezoidally-shaped central panel that holds the 7-inch infotainment colour display that Peugeot provides to dominate the centre of the dash on all but the entry-level model. This system really adds another dimension to the 108 and to be honest, I’d hesitate to buy one without it. It's operated using a fully integrated touchscreen and can include a rear view camera on plusher models. Wherever it’s fitted, you get a DAB radio, along with vehicle and journey information and Bluetooth ‘phone connectivity that includes the sending and receiving of texts.

What you don’t get, rather astonishingly in this day and age, is even the option of adding satellite navigation to this set-up, what you do get is smart ‘phone linking which is as simple as it can be thanks to a clever so-called ‘MirrorLink’ function that duplicates the home screen of your handset onto the display for easier acclimatisation. Still, get familiar with the whole process and, as you change into a world where you can do things like use Google map navigation, read your messages or play web-streamed music, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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