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What is a maintenance package?

A maintenance package is an additional element that can be added to your car lease contract. It covers the entire term length, and the cost is equally spread across the instalments.

This package covers the primary maintenance and servicing needs of your vehicle, which includes:

  • Servicing, repairs and replacement parts
  • Tyres, oil, brakes, exhaust and wipers, plus other items
  • MOTs if required
  • Breakdown assistance

Including a maintenance package in your car lease agreement means you won't have to worry about maintaining the vehicle during the contract. It can also make repair costs more manageable.

Do car leases include maintenance?

A maintenance package is not included as standard in car lease contracts. However, you can choose to add it as an optional extra. Or opt for a dedicated car lease that includes maintenance.

For example, at Leasing Options, our Fuel & Go solution is an all-in-one insured car leasing package that includes maintenance and accident management.

What's included in a maintenance package?

The main areas covered in a maintenance package include:

  • Servicing, repairs and replacement parts
  • Tyres, oil, brakes/brake pads, exhaust and wipers, plus other items
  • MOTs
  • Breakdown and roadside assistance

A maintenance package includes general servicing needs as set out by the manufacturer. This is also covered if any repairs are needed, including replacement parts.

Tyres, oil, brakes, exhaust and wipers, plus other items

The maintenance package also covers most of the major aspects of your vehicle that keep it safe to drive. This includes everything from tyres, exhaust, wipers, lights and brakes/brake pads, plus many other items.


As lease cars are brand new, an MOT is not required for three years. However, if you have a lease longer than this term, the MOT is covered in the subsequent years.

Breakdown and roadside assistance

If you break down or require roadside assistance, a maintenance package includes this service. Again, you are covered around the clock throughout the whole lease agreement.

What's not included in a lease maintenance package?

There are several aspects not included in a maintenance package. These include the following:

  • Accidental damage caused by driver error
  • Stolen parts, items and accessories
  • Damage caused by vandalism
  • Acts of God
  • Misfuelling
  • Body and paintwork damage (over normal wear and tear)
  • Windscreen repair or replacement
  • Additives such as Adblue or windscreen-wash fluid

Benefits of a leasing maintenance package

Opting for a maintenance package with your car lease offers several benefits, including:

Cost-effective repairs and maintenance

The cost of the maintenance package covers most of the main aspects you'll need for servicing and repair work during your contract. This helps you save money, as parts are included. Plus, servicing is carried out to the manufacturer's specifications, so you always have a car in the best condition possible throughout the lease.


Life is busy, so adding a maintenance package offers you one less hassle of sorting your maintenance appointments. Your local service centre may arrange collection and drop off of your car, so it doesn't disrupt your day.

Single-cost motoring solution

Choosing a leasing contract such as Fuel & Go provides a single cost for motoring, so there's no need to worry about additional charges or unexpected fees at service intervals.

Negatives of maintenance

Maintenance packages don't include everything in them. If you have issues outside of the general coverage, this may cost extra to fix. However, some areas are still covered, for example, a small scratch on the bodywork. As long as it falls within your Fair Wear and Tear policy, you won't have to worry about repairing it.

The main repair and servicing aspects are covered by this package, so it saves costs over the lease period.

How much does car lease maintenance cost?

There isn't a set cost for a maintenance package. There are several factors that determine the additional charges, such as:

  • Vehicle brand and model
  • Annual mileage limit
  • Lease period

This also applies to other packages such as insured leasing, for example, our Fuel & Go package.

Your leasing company will give you a cost depending on the above aspects. This is added to your contract and split over the agreed term. This option is a great way to budget maintenance costs and may offer better value.

How does the maintenance package work?

When you take out a maintenance package, the vehicle will be serviced according to the manufacturer's guidelines. This could be annually or every six months. MOTs are also required after three years.

Your account manager will give you information on the chosen suppliers and dealerships that carry out this service. You will need to use these contacts as they use manufacturer parts and uphold excellent servicing and repair standards to ensure your car is kept in the best condition.

Contact us for details if you need any assistance regarding your maintenance package and how it affects your monthly payments.

What do I need to do with a lease car with a maintenance package?

If you have taken out a maintenance package with your lease car, it needs to be serviced at the recommended intervals as set out by the manufacturer.

It is your responsibility to check the service intervals and whether the vehicle requires an MOT. Your leasing company will not send service reminders. However, they may issue service reminders if requested after your first service at a chosen dealership.

Alongside keeping up with the maintenance of the vehicle, there are a few other aspects to cover during its lease. This includes:

  • Washing and cleaning the exterior and interior regularly
  • Check tyres for damage and ensure the air pressure is at optimum levels
  • Check for stone chips that could lead to further corrosion

Car lease maintenance and insurance

Leasing with insurance or a maintenance package can save you time, money and hassle whilst giving you fixed cost motoring all in one place.

What maintenance do I need to do if I don't have a maintenance package?

Whether or not you take out a maintenance package, you must service the vehicle as per the recommended manufacturer guidelines. You can find this information in the vehicle handbook or digitally.

It's also important to ensure any repairs carried out are in accordance with your leasing agreement. For example, some contracts stipulate original manufacturer parts must be used, and authorised service centres must carry out the work.

MOTs are not required for the first three years, but leases over this time frame will require an MOT every year after that.

If you have any questions about managing your lease vehicle's maintenance, contact your account manager, who'll be happy to help.

Is car lease maintenance worth it?

The type of leasing contract you choose should meet your needs and budget. There are several benefits of selecting a maintenance package alongside your lease deal. However, weighing up the additional cost compared to managing the maintenance yourself will give you an idea of how it can benefit you.

Chat with the leasing company about what this package offers and what is required during the leasing agreement. Whether you add this element or not, servicing and maintenance are necessary according to manufacturer guidelines. So, it's worth determining the pros and cons to make the best decision for your lifestyle and budget.

Do lease cars include a manufacturer's warranty?

All vehicles listed on the Leasing Options website are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. This differs between manufacturers. For example, Kia offers a seven-year or 100,000-mile warranty (whichever is sooner). Audi provides a three-year warranty with a 60,000-mile limit in the third year.

What's covered by a warranty?

Manufacturers generally cover against mechanical failures and manufacturing faults when the vehicle is used in normal conditions. These are protected for a specified time or mileage limit. The warranty starts from the registration date, and you can find information on your vehicle in the handbook or via the brand website.

What's not covered by a warranty?

Every manufacturer has slightly different warranty coverage policies, and some may vary depending on the model. For full details, check the warranty relating to your brand and model. However, most include general exclusions such as:

  • Accidental damage
  • Damage from 'acts of God'
  • Filling up with the wrong fuel
  • Modifications - non-factory
  • Other items suffering wear from modifications
  • Vandalised and/or stolen parts and items on the vehicle

Leasing maintenance package FAQs

Below, you'll find some of the most common leasing FAQs. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us to discuss your car lease.

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