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Here to rival the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and provide a benchmark for the likes of Maserati and their SUV plans, the BMEW X5 M is quite a contender, presenting a viable choice for any motorist looking for a luxury SUV with the performance of a sportscar or grand tourer.

BMW are no strangers to the sports utility vehicle genre, having released a full assortment of models ranging from their compact crossovers to the behemoth that is the X6. However the X5 M is the 'M' division's first crack at the SUV market.

Their previous success throughout the entire range over the years adds a certain rest assurance that the outcome is something very special when applying those M finishing touches. Powerful, agile and responsive, the X5 M offers terrific performance with the grip and manoeuvrability of the 5 series saloon but with rugged four-wheel-drive abilities.

Boasting an enormous 575bhp from the 4.4ltr twin-turbo V8, the 0-62 time is a clean and respectable 4.2 seconds, half a second quicker than the previous X5 M. Top speed is limited (naturally) to 155mph, but it's how you arrive there that counts with the BMW.

Discover the best deals on a range of contract hire and leasing opportunities for the BMW X5 M and talk with the team to discuss your requirements with the experts today.

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