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BMW M2 Car Lease

BMW m2
If you believe your new car should be a thrill a minute you're in the right place, this is definitely a vehicle for the true drivers out there, and we have some fantastic BMW M2 leasing offers available now.

On the inside you'll get all the premium touches we've come to expect from a BMW, but this machine is all about the drive, and it's fantastic. Plus, with an adapted version of the 2-series coupe shell housing those 370bhp, this is one pretty piece of metal too. If you're looking for a smaller car that still offers power by the bucket load, then a BMW M2 lease deal could be just the ticket.

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bmw m2 Review

Driving a BMW M2

BMW’s souped-up 2 Series, the M2, is fantastically fun to drive but also offers more than enough comfort, practicality and sensibility to fit into your life too.

Ride and handling

First things first, the M2 is seriously quick, with a 3 litre straight six under the bonnet churning out either 370hp or, if you pick the Competition pack, 410hp and 0-60mph in just 4.4 seconds. Thankfully with all that power knocking around, there is still a degree of poise to go alongside too, as you might expect with a BMW. If you’re looking for a sports car that’s super responsive, ferociously powerful and guaranteed to put a smile on your face, you might just have found what you’re looking for with the BMW M2.


The M2’s muscular stance betrays how much power is lurking under that metal body. It just looks ready to race. Whilst there are plenty of similarities with the standard 2 Series, this sporty BMW does more than enough to set itself apart. We think you’ll love the sight of this car on your driveway.

Inside the cabin

Faced up against premium rivals such as the Audi TT, the BMW M2 doesn’t quite hit the same heights in terms of tech, touch and feel. That said, the cabin is still a nice very place to be, and the most up to date iDrive infotainment system is a very welcome inclusion, as are features like cruise control and sat nav as standard.


It has to be said, for a two door sports car the M2 is actually surprisingly practical, especially when compared to rivals like the Porsche 718 Cayman, for example. The back row of seats is more than just an empty gesture and is actually usable. Boot space is generous too, with 390 litres available – that’s 10 more than a Volkswagen Golf.

Accreditation & Partners

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