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BMW m4
The BMW M4 offers a superior driving sensation, coupling the unmistakable 'M' performance and handling with the practicality, space and technology of the popular 4 Series coupé. Incorporating the same 3.0 litre straight-six, twin-turbocharged engine that offers all that monstrous power in the M3, this latest unit offers better economy and greater output than the V8 it replaced. Take a look at our latest BMW M4 lease deals to find out more about this fantastic vehicle.

BMW have gone all-out to produce an eye-popping stance for the M4, delivering a streamlined body that even has specially designed wing mirrors which minimise drag and a duck-tailed rear spoiler to confirm to the motoring world that this is a true, focused sportscar. Sleek, refined and so very stylish, BMW M4 leasing is only a telephone call away.

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