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Audi RS Q3 Car Lease


Emerging from the brutish RS clan, the Audi RS Q3 is the model that dominates the compact SUV market and is available on a car lease deal for UK motorists now.

A bold move from Audi when launching their high-performance compact SUV, in a market that already had few competitors, the RS Q3 is the red-hot choice within this Sports Utility Vehicle class and certainly delivers quite a punch.

Benefiting from Audi's redesigned front end facelift, a completely different approach to the rear end light clusters, with their 'scrolling' indicators (lights scroll from the inside to the outside depicting which direction you wish to turn) and other cosmetic changes, the new compact RS Q3 is a beautiful car to look at.

The new engine is the focus however, producing 335bhp which sees the 0-60 time drop to 4.8 seconds, sounds hugely impressive?

It is, believe us.

Adding a luxury interior and all the creature comforts you'd expect from Audi, discover the car lease and contract hire choices to suit your requirements on the newest member of the RS family at Leasing Options.

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