What Is Car Leasing?

Car leasing has become one of the preferred way for motorists to get the behind the wheel of a brand-new car every few years. If you have never leased a car before, or are unsure about how the process works, read on to find out about everything you need to know.

Car leasing works on the basis of ‘renting’ a vehicle for a fixed period, before it is returned to the leasing company at the end of the contract.

Leasing a car is an increasingly popular choice for both personal and business customers. It’s a cost-effective way of having access to a brand new car every few years, and it’s usually cheaper than purchasing on finance too.

How does leasing a car work?

At Leasing Options, we follow six simple steps that make it easy for customers to lease a car.

Step 1: Find your future car

We make it easy for our customers to browse our website and choose a car, you can set the parameters for the search by cost, contract length, manufacturer, model – along with a whole list of other options including body type, mileage and more. You’ll get a full list of cars to choose from, and we have a dedicated pricing team that ensures you get the best possible price.

Step 2: Get a quote

Once you’ve identified the car you want to drive for the next few years, you need to decide on some important details that will help us put together a quote for you. This includes choosing the length of the contract, maximum mileage for the duration of the lease, and any extras you want to add on, such as factory options, dealer options, maintenance packages and even insurance. This can be done quickly and easily on our website, or by calling one of our expert account managers who can guide you through the process on the phone, while answering any questions you may have.

Step 3: Apply for finance

As with all car finance to successfully secure a contract, you will be required to pass a credit check. This is to ensure you are able to pay for the monthly instalments for the full duration of the contract. Once you have completed the finance proposal form, we then send it to one of our globally-recognised financial partners who will take a look at your credit history and make a final decision. We are fortunate enough to have access to the largest number of finance options in the market place to assist in funding your next vehicle.

Step 4: Place the order

If you have successfully passed the credit check it is now time to finalise the deal and to get things ready for you to receive your new car. A dedicated account manager will put together the order details, which will contain all the contract particulars, along with all the information about the car you have selected. Your account manager will check through the order carefully, and we also encourage all customers to do the same before accepting it. After this, the order is complete.

Step 5: Sign the finance documents

With the order for your car now completed, the penultimate step involves signing the financial documents. Where possible, your account manager will send these to you via email so they can be reviewed. Once signed we process the contract. There will be a two-week cooling off period that gives you time to decide that you are happy with the finance agreement, before the car is physically delivered to your chosen address.

Step 6: Delivery

Now all of the paperwork is out of the way, and it is now simply just a case of waiting for your brand new car to arrive. During the ordering process we will be able to advise on a delivery date. If the car is in stock, this means it can usually be delivered within a couple of weeks. Vehicles that aren’t in stock can take a little longer to deliver, depending if they are in shipping or at the factory. We will ensure to keep you in the loop regarding delivery dates, so you know when to expect it and the date to start your insurance cover from.

What’s included in a car lease?

When you agree to lease a car with Leasing Options, not only do you get to drive a brand new car, but the following is also included at no extra cost:

  • Free UK mainland delivery to your door 
  • Road tax
  • UK Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 12 Month Breakdown Assistance
  • Part exchange 

Can I trade-in my existing car?

The good news is that Leasing Options do offer a part exchange service that will enable you to put the money towards a new car. This is a simple process that helps you to secure a fair price for your existing car that you can then use as a down payment on your new one.

All it requires is for you to provide your registration and contact details on our part exchange page. This will provide an instant valuation of the car. If you like the look of the offer, you can accept it there and then, and one of our part exchange partners will get in touch to discuss the next steps. Collection will be free, and if it makes things easier for you, we can even collect your old car on the same day your new car is delivered. The payment will also be transferred to your bank account the same day as the collection so it will be in your bank ahead of the initial payment (which will be 7-14 days after you take delivery of your new car).