The Complete Guide To Car Leasing With Maintenance

Adding a maintenance package to your leasing contract offers a number of benefits that will help keep your car in good working order. Many drivers take up the option as it makes the servicing and maintenance of the car much easier. If you are weighing up applying for a car lease, read our complete guide to car leasing with maintenance to find out if it can help you.

Can I lease a car with maintenance?

When you are putting together the application for a lease, you can also choose to take advantage of an additional maintenance-package. This is an add on to your contract hire agreement which ensures the car is covered for servicing and general mechanical or electrical repairs, as well as breakdown and assistance.

How much does car lease maintenance cost?

There is no standard cost for taking up our optional maintenance-package. The price will depend on how long the car is being leased for and the annual mileage limit. Once you have decided on these details, we can provide an affordable option for any customer. The cost of taking a maintenance package is often better value with added piece of mind whilst also spreading the cost making it more manageable.

What’s included in car lease maintenance?

In order to make an informed decision about whether a car lease with maintenance included is right for you, here is what we include in our package.

1. Servicing

Leasing a car also means you are agreeing to maintain the condition of the vehicle in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you decide not to take up a maintenance package, it will be down to you to pay for these checks. However, with a maintenance package included it ensures all of the servicing required is covered. This tends to be a preferred option by many drivers as it removes not only the cost, but the stress of making sure the car is serviced to the required standard, without worrying about breaking the contract. 

2. MOTs

Cars registered in the UK don’t need an MOT for the first three years, but after this point they then need to be tested annually. If you are leasing a car for more than 36 months you will need to book an MOT test. Our maintenance package covers this so you do not have to find the extra money to have it completed. This is applicable to both personal and business hire, providing excellent overall coverage throughout the full duration of the lease.

3. Tyres

The number of miles you travel every year in your new car will have a direct effect on the condition of your tyres. Low-mileage drivers are less likely to experience high levels of wear and tear on the car’s tyres, while the opposite is true for those who are travelling a lot. Either way, there’s a good chance the tyres on the vehicle will have to be replaced at some point during the lease. It is also a legal requirement in the UK to have the depth of tread on your car over a certain limit. Having car maintenance means the driver can have premium quality tyres fitted onto the car as quickly as a few hours after the fault is first reported. In all contract agreements at the stage of returning a car it is required that the car has premium quality tyres on or you may be charged. Some of the agreements will also cover punctures, please check with your account manager before placing your order.

4. Oil

Also included in our lease car maintenance package are oil checks and top-ups. This is something that can sometimes be overlooked while using the car, as we refuel our vehicles with petrol more often than the oil. However, oil is the lifeblood of the engine, and without it, the engine would quickly stop working. Not only does it lubricate the engine but it works against heat and friction: two of the biggest threats to any car. Taking up a lease with maintenance included means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to check or change the oil, as we take care of it for you, leaving your engine in great working order. With a maintained package, all of this would be covered at the service intervals.

5. Brake pads

It almost goes without saying that making sure your brake pads are in good shape is vitally important. As with any equipment in a car, brake pads will eventually wear down over time. This makes the car less efficient, less responsive, and generally, a little more dangerous to drive on the road. Brake pads that are left unattended can cause further damage inside the car that could prove to be extremely expensive. Brake pad checks and replacements are included in our maintenance package, which saves you money while reducing your concerns about the safety of the car.

6. Breakdown recovery service

Breakdowns can happen to almost anyone at any time. That’s why recovery service features in our maintenance package, as there is nothing worse than being caught by surprise and left stranded somewhere on a hard shoulder. Including it in your contract means you have 24-hour assistance, should it be needed. That means no matter where you are we can get a mechanic out to fix the problem. If it can’t be resolved there and then, we’ll arrange to have it taken to a garage to be repaired. The manufacturer will sometimes include this for the first 12 months of your agreement but in a maintenance package it is included for the duration of your contract.